761st Tank Battalion

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  • 761st Tank Battalion Essay

    The 761st Tank Battalion was started on April 1, 1942, at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, and sent to Europe, touching base at Omaha Beach in France on October 10, 1944. The Battalion arranged at Camp Hood, Texas, where they were assessed prevalent by Second Army Commander Lt.Gen. Ben Lear. They touched base on the Continent with high certification - some said they were self-important. The 761st included 760 faint men and white officers essentially working the M-4 Sherman fight tank. Not long after the 761st Tank Battalion met up on Omaha Beach in Normandy, they changed into the standard dull defensively secured officers to see a fight. The aphorism of the 761st, who were in addition called the Black Panthers, was "Rise arranged to place everything all together!" Before the end of the war, they more than satisfied this maxim. In the midst of flight operation in World War II, front line troops occasionally spent more than two or three weeks on the cutting edges; the Black Panthers had been in fight for over 183 days in succession. Before the war was over, the 761st would take an enthusiasm for four foremost brought together fights all…

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  • Dorothy Haener

    and avoided anything else that would make life more difficult for her. Despite being American citizens, Johnnie Holmes and other African Americans weren’t given the same opportunities Caucasian males had in the military. Ninety percent of them had to settle for roles such as stewards and drivers. The other ten percent saw battle, but few people had faith in them solely because of their ethnicity. According to Brokaw, Johnnie’s unit’s training was much more difficult than any other. Presumably…

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  • Brigade Combat Team Essay

    However, manning shortages are not a concern as I assume Division G1 will fill the brigade in accordance with Army manning guidance. At this time, I would also work with the Chief of Staff and Division G1 to replace any leaders identified as being toxic like MAJ Wilson, the Brigade S4. I will also immediately start emphasizing readiness to ensure non-deployable Soldiers are being closely tracked to either make them deployable or separate them from the Army. I will hold quarterly readiness…

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  • 3d Marine Division Essay

    Nang. This overall redeployment of the Marine forces was about three-quarters completed when the North Vietnamese offensive began. Task Force X-Ray, under the command of Brigadier General Foster “Frosty” C. LaHue did not assume responsibility for the Phu Bai area, including Hue City until 15 January. LaHue, who had been serving as the 1st Marine Division assistant division commander in Da Nang, had barely enough time to become acquainted with his new tactical area of responsibility (TAOR),…

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  • Deception In Imagery Units

    opportunity to demonstrate some of the potential dangers and possible damage that can result from miscalculations and the wrong application.” (Gooch, 1982) So, the Imagery Units focus on all of the visual aspects of what an army brigade or military unit would look like from the air and significant distance on the ground. This unit employed an array of fake jeeps, trucks, airplanes, tanks and artillery pieces. In the beginning, some were canvas covered collapsible frames and others were rubber…

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  • Simcoe The Governor Summary

    He states that the basic branches utilized by the British Regular Army in America were the infantry, cavalry, and artillery. All these were separate battalions, unlike the Queen’s Rangers who had all three of these basic army branches in one corps. These branches made up the basics of all armies during the eighteenth century and the fact that the Queens Rangers had all three made them extremely effective from a command standpoint. This meant it was harder for commanders in regular units to…

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  • Perfection In A Military Organization

    No organization is perfect whether it’s the military or a civilian organization. Perfection is what we strive for. There will always deficiencies that one always complains about and say that if they were in charge they will do it differently. Sometimes though that’s just not possible but at times it may be. I myself am currently working as the Executive Officer of a Maintenance Company and these are a few of the issues that I have seen and noticed at my position that I would recommend changing…

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  • Assuming Command Of The 4th Armored Brigade Combat Team: Mission Analysis

    efforts to effectively train for the upcoming rotation to the National Training Center (NTC) and subsequently the RAF mission. Of immediate concern is the lack of planning guidance from brigade to the battalions regarding the equipment reset timeline v. red-cycle tasks v. initial battalion level planning during the brigade’s transition from the prepare phase to the ready phase of the sustainable readiness model (SRM). Several battalion S3’s cite the brigade’s S3 cell as being focused on “hot…

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  • Leader Of Influence Essay

    presented me with the opportunity to deploy to Iraq with 10th Special Forces Group (SFG) as an augmentee for no more than six months. Because I trusted his judgment and recommendation, I gladly accepted the challenge. Again, we walked through my personal and professional goals and developed COAs to reached the desired end state. My time with 10th SFG proved to be a tough yet rewarding experience that I will never forget. I was able to be put in an environment that dictated trust with others…

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  • 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team Case Study

    The critical leadership problems facing the 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team (ABCT) is compliance, commitment, and emotional intelligence. The components of the Application of Power and Influence in Organizational Leadership are compliance versus commitment and emotional intelligence, using of Dr. Gene Klann, Application of Power and Influence in Organizational Leadership process will provide assistance in improving the culture and climate of 4th ABCT and reestablished the unit to its historical…

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