62nd British Academy Film Awards

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  • Ultimate Icer

    Name: Nivalius Coryzan Race: Icer Rank: Ultimate Icer Topic: Your family has all but died out, leaving you as a leader for the universe waiting to be molded. You weren 't raised, as the rest of your family has all vanished before your childhood, so you grew up on your own morality. Describe how your isolation in life molded you into a leader. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roleplay: Animosity. That is something a forlorn, infantile Icer in the vast area that was filled with abyss-like amounts of space, that was known as the 'Universe ' felt towards the previously mentioned ‘Universe’. A desolate planet that had basically no signs of life, and almost none of his race scattered across it. A rather lonesome planet. Said planet was a land of ice filled with a plethora of, well, ice. Turbulent waves pushing back ice that fragmented from the landscape; forcing it towards the land. Those were banal on this egregious planet. Adjacent towards the landscape was a diminutive household in which the Changeling resided in. A household filled with little to no equipment at all, merely for resting and conquest plans. When one would enter the impish household, they would see a scarlet throne emblazoned with golden trimming that enveloped the cushions, filling it with sovereignty. A throne that was never seated on, merely there to fill the gap of memories that the…

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  • Arguments Against Racism In Hollywood

    Twenty years later, and the past two Academy Awards have had all white actresses and actors nominated as best roles. Why is this? As of 2015, Henriksen, a published reporter from the AltPress database, stated “The majority of the Oscar voters are nearly 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male” (Henriksen). There is a need for a more diverse Academy. I interviewed Michael Green, a professor at Arizona State University that focuses on racism in Hollywood, and he explained “the Oscars are not the…

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  • Rhyme Ad Analysis: Ralph Lauren Meme

    Sex has been used to sell products in American culture for decades. The alluring promiscuity of sexuality often involves exploiting women for their appearance. The first section of this analysis examines sexuality in the media. The notion that sex sells is typified in the Ralph Lauren perfume advertisement. A beautiful and blond woman is seen being kissed by a handsome young, male. The romantic ad catches the readers’ eyes, yet something is missing entirely from the advertisement: a…

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  • Silent Movies In The 1920's

    Nevertheless silent movies started way before the 1920’s, they didn’t really start being a big hit till the 1920’s and they ended in the late 1920’s when the first talking movie came out. Before movies were called movies they were called talkies due to movies just starting to have actual dialogue in them. This was a big turnabout for movies, movies were becoming a part of a social movement. Movies were known for giving people dreams and new realities. When sound came into movies, some people…

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  • Problem Of Diversity In Movies

    With plenty great films coming out, many wonder: who will win the Oscars? It is assured that the Oscars will have people tweeting and posting about their favorite films and actors. So why is #OscarsSoWhite the #1 trending topic on every social media page? Since the first Oscar was awarded, it has been lacking one thing and that is diversity. Although television shows and some films have been doing a fair job of casting diverse characters, non-white actors are still lacking winning numbers. The…

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  • Misrepresentation In Film

    According to a study done by USC, “across 100 top-grossing films of 2012, only 10.8 percent of speaking characters are Black, 4.2 percent are Hispanic, 5 percent are Asian, and 3.6 percent are from other (or mixed race) ethnicities.” Moreover, the remaining 76.3% roles in these films were given to White actors. Whitewashing and misrepresentation needs to stop because, Hollywood and many other forms of media don’t bother with casting POC in movies. Hollywood gets praised for this, and the white…

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  • Analysis Of Casey Neistat's The Rest Of Us

    Have you ever had the passion for creativity? Have you wanted to create movies, videos, or be a famous Youtuber? In an advertisement produced by Samsung titled “The Rest of Us,” Samsung highlights the features of their new phone and products that can be used in film-making and production. In the advertisement, it uses Casey Neistat, a famous YouTuber with over six-million subscribers, to deliver a powerful monologue about creativity. He is known for being a top filmmaker on YouTube, producing…

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  • Diversity In Hollywood Film Analysis

    equal rights. This problem is strongly demonstrated in American Cinema. Christina Hoag (2016) states in her article, Diversity in Hollywood, “White males still dominate virtually all aspects of [the film industry].” Recent events have led to the discovery of unfair wages between male and female actors to racism in today’s award shows. In years prior, laws had to be placed in order for women and non-whites to have rights in America. The film industry solely relies on backlash and the hope that…

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  • Essay On The Truman Show

    ‘The Truman Show’(1998, directed by Peter Weir) is a film about Truman Burbank(Jim Carrey), a man living in a world entirely constructed for him. Truman is the star of a reality TV show - but he doesn’t know it. He was orphaned as a child and therefore taken in by the TV cooperation and put in a world where everything is a set, everyone he meets is an actor, and every object holds a camera; through which his entire life is broadcasted to the rest of the world. I found this story to be very…

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  • The Truman Show Essay

    Society and freedom are contradictory. Societal forces are detrimental to the human spirit. The novel, The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the film, The Truman Show by Peter Weir, and the short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, all are related to the contradicting themes of society and freedom. The more one is influenced by the society, the less freedom he has. Being free in a society that is savage has negative consequences. Freedom that one does not earn…

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