Arguments Against Racism In Hollywood

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Push. African Americans pushed to be where they are today. They were enslaved, and they pushed for freedom. They were segregated, and they pushed for equal right. Today they are still pushing for equal opportunity. The past proves that there is no opposition that cannot be overcome. We as the human race have proved that. It is time to push through racism. One area in particular is Hollywood. Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and all other minorities face opposition in finding acting roles. As the Huffington post remarks “there are more straight, white male superheroes with power than all minorities combined with power in Hollywood’” (Duca). Robert Downey Junior: Ironman, Chris Hemsworth: Thor, Chris Evans: Captain America, …show more content…
Twenty years later, and the past two Academy Awards have had all white actresses and actors nominated as best roles. Why is this? As of 2015, Henriksen, a published reporter from the AltPress database, stated “The majority of the Oscar voters are nearly 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male” (Henriksen). There is a need for a more diverse Academy. I interviewed Michael Green, a professor at Arizona State University that focuses on racism in Hollywood, and he explained “the Oscars are not the sole issue. It is that there is not enough roles for minorities, because there is a need for more diverse writers. Writers who can write those roles for the minorities” (Green). If studios would give writers who were not of a white decent an opportunity to see their scripts played out on the big screen this would give aspiring actors and actresses the chance to become a star, and possibly win an Oscar. Green further stated his point by saying that movies in 2015 like Straight Outta Compton, Concussion, Creed, and Dope are all good movies with really good performances, but are they great? When more diverse writers are given the chance by the Studios, so will the actresses and actors of minorities. Unless the Studios take the initiative, it will be another twenty years of predominantly white

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