3D modeling

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  • The Importance Of Optical Linear Encoder

    The two main types of 3D printing are FDM and SLA. FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modeling, in FDM a thermoplastic resin, usually in the form of a wire (Figure 7), is fed through a hot extruder in turn heating the plastic allowing it to become formable. As the plastic is heated it is precisely placed by the…

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  • The History Of 3D Animation

    small changes to them to form an animation. Animators are artists that specialize in the creation of animation. There are a few different creation methods in animation, Traditional animation, Stop-motion animation, Computer animation, 2D animation, 3D animation. Traditional animation (Cel Animation) - The individual frames of a traditional animation are the photographs that have been taken from drawings, drawn on paper at first. To make an animation each drawing is different from the one…

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  • 3D Printing: A Case Study

    of waste in design and manufacturing with regard to the nature and future sustainability of practices considered modern by contemporary standards. Practices, such as CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining and additive manufacturing such as 3D printing, are the benchmark for modern manufacturing; 'In the domain of manufacturing, computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology is a major contributor to the production capacity of the enterprises...resources can be utilized…

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  • Relational Database Case Study

    What is a relational database? It is a database that stores the information about both data, for example for a person detail that is link with their car details that they have bought it from the company. The data and relationships are showed in an entity which is in a flat, two dimensional tables. We would use a relational database in a company such as a car company so when they want to store their customers information and what car did they buy, they use a relational database which stores the…

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  • Reproduction Antiques Company Case Study

    Answer: In this modern day, databases are based heavily on relational models in which tables are the fundamental building blocks. We may ask the question as to where ER comes in database design, its importance and the need for ER modelling in modern databases. In an attempt to answer these questions, we get to understand that ER is a high-level description of the proposed database, useful for understanding the requirements gathered from a client, in our case The Reproduction Antiques Company. It…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Database Management System

    According to (Connolly, 2003) the database is “A shared collection of logically related data, and a description of this data, designed to meet the information needs of an organization”. The Database Management System (DBMS) is software that enables users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database. The database has identified three levels of abstraction. All these three levels will have different aspects and they are as follows: • Physical or external level- The database…

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  • Database Management And Information Retrieval System Case Study

    1.0 QUESTION 1 Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM DEFINITION A software system that enables the computer to do the database functions such as storing, retrieving, adding, deleting, and modifying data A built-in user interface that carry the activity of obtaining information resource from a collection of information stored EXAMPLE Microsoft Access, MySQL,…

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  • Big Data Predictive Analysis

    Predictive analytics can be used which allows businesses to extract big data and analyze it to better understand customers. This analysis is a game changer for businesses because it allows them to make predictive models that will help them serve their customers better. This business strategy is important as it provides the data they need to make predictions for the future and it gives them the ability to modify when results are affected. In order to take this strategy into consideration, firms…

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  • Evolution Of 3D Printing

    technological advancement introduces new opportunities, as well as obstacles, that aid or hinder mankind in advancing to the next step in their evolutionary chain. The 21st century 's latest technology is the 3D printer, a device capable of redefining day to day lives by printing all of our needs. It is claimed 3D printing will be an absolute positive technology to benefit mankind, but we will soon encounter situations where uncontrolled, illegal substances…

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  • Enrollment Management Essay

    Effective Enrollment Management For those outside of enrollment in higher education, the phrase enrollment management may evoke images of potential students waiting in line to enroll in courses at a new community college or university. However, enrollment management is actually a complex symphony of departments within a higher education institution with the common goal of finding, enrolling, and retaining students. Working independently, these departments consist of student service departments…

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