Database Management And Information Retrieval System Case Study

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Differentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. DATABASE MANAGEMENT
DEFINITION A software system that enables the computer to do the database functions such as storing, retrieving, adding, deleting, and modifying data A built-in user interface that carry the activity of obtaining information resource from a collection of information stored
EXAMPLE Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server Web search engine
ADVANTAGES -Controlling data redundancy
-Data consistency
-Data sharing
-Data integration
-Integrity constraints
-Data atomicity
-Database access language
-Development of application
-Creating forms
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The costs of data conversion also high as you need to hire DBA and system designer just to develop a database or software. Besides, DBMS is complex software and you need an expert to handle it. The solution is to train the staff to run the software and it cost a lot of money. Moreover, the database administrator and application programmer also need to be paid and this makes the system increase. Lastly, the probability that the system may face failure also increase as the data need to be integrated into a single database and if the data corrupted due to the power failure, it may affect the …show more content…
Structured data also can be compared to machine language as the information is easily can be read and deal with using computers. Sometimes, because of high cost and performance limitation, relational databases using structured data were the only way to manage data more effectively. The other example of structured data is spreadsheets. It is defined as structured data as it can be quickly scanned for information as the data is properly arranged in relational database systems. Whereas, unstructured data is the data that not well structured and organized as it need more time to be read and deal with using computers. It is also typically a text that is hard to be processed by the computer but it may contain data which result in very important data too. Besides, unstructured data is the simplest way of spreading the data which do not have to well organize and structuring the data in each

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