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Excel Chapter 10: End-of-Chapter Quiz

1) Match each term with the correct definition (15 points)
A group of commands that enable you to bring data from an Access database, from the web, from a text file, or from an XML file into Excel without repeatedly copying the data.
Correct answer Get External Data

Link to external data that automatically updates an Excel workbook from the original data whenever the original data source gets new information.
Correct answer Data connection

All the categories of data pertaining to one database item such as a person, place, thing, event, or idea, stored in a horizontal row in a database.
Correct answer Record

Information that describes a record and is stored in columns.
Correct answer Field

A language that structures data in text files so that it can be read by other systems, regardless of the hardware platform or operating system.
Correct answer Extensible Markup Language (XML)

A function that can be used to combine or separate data, change case, and apply formatting to a string of characters.
Correct answer Text function
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Correct answer CONCATENATE

A function that returns the specified number of characters from the end of a string of characters. Correct answer RIGHT

A process of restricting records through the use of criteria conditions that displays records that answer a question about the data.
Correct answer Query

An organized collection of data related to a particular topic or purpose.
Correct answer Database

Facts about people, events, things, or ideas.
Correct answer Data

A predefined formula that performs calculations by using specific values, called arguments.
Correct answer Functions

The arrangement of arguments in a function.
Correct answer Syntax

A group of three, four, or five small graphic images that make your data visually easier to interpret. Correct answer Icon sets

An image of an active window on your computer that you can insert into a worksheet.
Correct answer Screenshot

2) Bringing data in from an external data source is known as: (1 point)
Correct answer Importing

3) This is stored in columns and contains a specific type of data such as name, employee number, or social security number. (1

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