Nt1330 Unit 2 Case Analysis

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Question 1
a. The approach I would take to determine if it is more cost effective to produce firmware (HW/SW) units to determine economic feasibility for producing the units in-house sourcing or outsourcing by using cost-benefit analysis checklist that includes:
• Consider all strategies for development.
• Each alternative should have costs and benefits and identify when realization of cost and benefits will be ensued.
• The analysis will include future growth to allow for scalability.
• Include hardware / software maintenance costs.
• Review software license options (if applicable) such as Software as a Service (SAAS), Perpetual or Term licensing.
• For each alternative use financial analysis tools to determine the cost.
• Review results and
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As a result, the data imported was duplicate or in incorrect, because the tables from the legacy system were imported as separate tables in the new system. Moreover, the analysts did not use strict data conversion security and controls while converting the legacy database to ensure data integrity and quality of the data nor did they review the relationships of the tables to ensure they were correct. To avoid the issues with the data conversion process, the analysts should have scrubbed the data prior to converting it into the new system, and validated the data for accuracy. In addition, review the format of data, fields and size of the tables to ensure they are not too large, and identified source-to-target data mapping …show more content…
Question 3
a. In designing the user interface for the sales prospect and contact management system, Kevin made the following errors:
• Kevin did not fully understand the business functions; create a Functional Decomposition diagram (FDD) that would have helped him identify the business functions.
• Kevin should have created a model / prototype and presented it to users for approval; if he would have done this, he could have received feedback from the users.
• Kevin designed the user interface that was not user friendly, easy to use or provide enough help screens to assist users, and make help easy to find.
• Kevin should have designed fields that allow users to select information or check box, thereby eliminating the need users to type data into

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