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  • Continuous Auditing Case Study

    The theory of Continuous Auditing was established by Vasarhelyi and Halper (1991). Continuous auditing entails the real-time monitoring and analysis of the entire population of records. The premise of this methodology is based on the concept of “audit by exception” where deviations (e.g. control variances) are flagged as alerts and forwarded to the responsible parties (e.g. management, internal auditors, business owners) for investigation. Continuous auditing has evolved from an academic theory…

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  • Meaning Of Database Management System

    Definition of Data: The term data is known as representation of objects, events which are stored and recorded in the computer and the data exists in a variety of forms such as values, variables and numbers and so on etc. EX: The database in a hospital contains data such as name of the patient, address, disease and contact number. Definition of Database: The term database is determined as data collection in an organized manner and every data present is related to each other in some other way.…

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  • Building Information Modeling Essay

    3. Uses of Building information Modeling (BIM) BIM is a 3-D model process used in the engineering, architecture and construction with tools to manage the project effectively in planning, designing, constructing and operational phase. At every stage of project development, BIM plays a vital role, in planning BIM is used for cost estimation; phase planning, site analysis and programming. In the design phase, BIM used for structural analysis, lightning analysis, mechanical analysis, LEED evaluation…

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  • Data Integrity And Data Warehouse

    Data integrity ensures that data is ultimately accurate. This is important when trying to analyze data that is stored in the database or data warehouse. Inaccurate data will lead to false results in reporting and analytics that will affect any business decisions that need to be made. When dealing with data integrity, having the full or complete set of data is a necessity. If only half or some of the data is entered than it cannot be considered accurate. There are several ways to ensure that data…

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  • CRUD: Defining Information Ownership Analysis

    CRUD – Defining Information Ownership When developing and implementing a relational database, defining the information and users of the system enable definition of the business rules defining the components of the database management system. An example can be evaluated through the use of a CRUD – create, retrieve, update and delete – matrix as it relates to student information and the individuals or departments related to the school that may require access. The resulting model will be used to…

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  • Steve Wozniak And Steve Jobs

    The term entrepreneurial opportunity would usually presume a profit-motivated event. The adjective entrepreneurial emphasises that the profits are chased through creating a new good and presenting it to the market (Whetten, 1989). Other scholars define the entrepreneurial opportunity as situation that provokes the discovery of new goods, services, production technologies and organizing methods that are able to obtain some economic value in the future (Shane and Venkataraman, 2000). The…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: 3D Printers

    largest impact on the economy. 3D printers are going to be “that piece of technology” to change and mold the way to the future. The printers are already starting to impact the way facilities are able to produce their products. One of the largest benefits of facilities using the 3D printers is, there is no to minimal waste of the material. By not using extra material and having to reprocess it saves money for the company thus reducing the cost for the consumer for the product. 3D printers are not…

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  • Negative Effects Of 3D Printing

    are many benefits of using 3D printing technology, there are some negative effects that consumers should be aware of. First, as 3D printing becomes more popular and widely used around the world, it could affect the international supply chain and trade relations between other countries. In the research article “Research on the Impact of 3D Printing on the International Supply Chain,” Zhen Chen, Business professor at Lingnan Normal University in China, explains that “3D printing is a rapidly…

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  • 3D Animation Production Workflow

    3D Animation production workflow In a 3D Animation production workflow, there are three main phases of production. They are: • Pre-Production • Production • Post-Production Pre-Production In the pre-production phase, we do all the planning and preparation for the animation. We need to determine what or how we want our end product to look like. We need to do brainstorming and mind-map down all the ideas. Some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves during this brainstorming session are:…

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  • Essay On How Technology Has Changed Health Care

    Throughout time the world has evolved. It has constantly changed, from our great ancestors discovering fire for the first time to the world’s first commercial jet pack and everything in between. As days go by technology continues to advance and thus keeps the world progressing, “By virtue of the intensive infiltration of digital devices into our daily lives, we have radically altered how we communicate with one another and with our entire social network at once” (Topol), Eric emphasizes the…

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