Meaning Of Database Management System

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Definition of Data: The term data is known as representation of objects, events which are stored and recorded in the computer and the data exists in a variety of forms such as values, variables and numbers and so on etc.
EX: The database in a hospital contains data such as name of the patient, address, disease and contact number.
Definition of Database:
The term database is determined as data collection in an organized manner and every data present is related to each other in some other way.
Definition of Database Management Systems (DBMS):
DBMS is a software that consists of collection of programs that are used to maintain and control the database. The main purpose of DBMS is to construct the database for the creation of application and provides
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Retrieval of data:
Objects like Multimedia are very difficult to store, locate and more over this process needs a specialized software which is not available in relational DBMS.
Maintenance of data:
Conventional relational data are very efficient, but multimedia objects needs to maintain several versions of the data. Meanwhile it treats the whole object as a single part, so whole thing needs to be restored.
a) Drivers name, Date of birth date and Address:
These three are the most necessary items in a driver’s license database and hence they are termed as a structured data.
b) The fact that the drivers name is to be 30 character field:
This represents the data type of the driver’s name, so it is classified as metadata.
c) Photo image of the driver:
The Photo image of the driver is the important information of the database and it is classified as unstructured data.
d) An image of the Driver’s finger print:
As finger print is noted as individual fact and it cannot be easily stored and retrieved and thus it is an un-structured
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g) Fact that the driver’s date of birth must come before today’s date by at least a minimum of 16 years:
Drivers DOB is the data describing data and hence it is known as metadata.
A) What is the relationship between pet & store?
One to many relationship, because store sells many types of pets.
B) What is the relationship between customer & pet?
One to many relationship, because many customers buys many pets.
C) Do you think there should be a relationship between the customer & the store?
Yes, in fact using the relationship the store can send intimations through via., mails and messages to the prospective customers and later customers can contact the store for further information. This is called as One to many relationship.
A) An Employee has attributes like Employee ID and Employee Name.
B) A Sales Office has attributes like Office No and Office Location.
C) The Property has attributes like Property ID and Property location.
D) A Owner has attributes like Owner ID and Owner name.
1) An employee may able to manage only the Sales office to which he was assigned.
2) Employee, Sales Office, Property and Owner are the entity types that are shown in ER

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