Importance Of Field Experience Sites

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Field Experience Sites
This semester I was in Educ 2120 and Educ 2130. I had to complete 40 volunteer hours by the end of the semester. I started out at Oasis. Oasis is an afterschool tutoring center for children 3 years old to 3rd grade. Oasis’ purpose is "To build bridges of understanding, appreciation, and love among cultures, faith traditions, social statuses, and with God, fostering wholeness and holiness, thus bringing healing to people 's hearts and peace to their relationships." During my time at Oasis, I was attending the tutoring on Mondays from 2:30-5:00. I worked with the Pre-k age children and almost always had a group of 5-6 boys. I would occasionally have 1 girl in the group. The first thing I really noticed after working with
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At the Athens YMCA, I was working with Children from newborn-3rd grade age. I was working in the Child Watch center, so parents would drop their children off before they go to their YMCA class they attend. The YMCA’s purpose is “To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.” I was only at the YMCA for a short period before I found a better opportunity to gain experience for myself. While I was at the YMCA though, my responsibilities were to care for and watch for the safety of the children. Here at the YMCA, I really felt I wasn’t getting as much interaction with the children as I should. The children were more focused on playing with each other and didn’t really speak to the counselors/helpers as much.
The last field experience I got to attend was going into a 1st and 3rd grade classroom at High Shoals. I thoroughly enjoyed this location. High Shoals’ purpose is “To provide a rigorous academic environment with high standards and expectations.” My main responsibilities at High Shoals were to lead small group with the kids, help with their busy work if they have a question, and give them reading
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The biggest thing I really noticed is the children’s behavior. I felt that the younger the child, the less likely they are to listen the first time they are told something. At Oasis, I had Pre-k and could hear myself repeating things multiple times and asking the children to “please sit down” or “please pay attention” or my favorite, “can anyone tell me what I just said?” most of the time no one could tell me what I had just said. In the 1st grade class, the children struggled to ever quiet down. They were all constantly very chatty. Even with the teacher talking you could still hear at least one of their little voices either whispering to their neighbor or shouting something to the whole classroom. The teacher had to constantly do her clapping system, where she claps something and all the children clap back, meaning they are supposed to now zip their lips and listen up. In the 3rd grade class, some children were of course still chatty. However when the teacher threated to move a child’s clip to a different color or simply raised her voice a little saying it’s too loud the children all listened for the most part. So just in those simple cases, you can really tell how age makes a difference of the ability to listen and

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