Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Volunteering At Easterseals

Do you remember your first day of classes at college? You were nervous and did not know what to expect. You worried that your classmates or teacher would not like you. You wondered what you were going to learn in this new environment. These same thoughts were rushing through my head as I walked in on my first day of volunteering at Easterseals. I did not know what my responsibilities would be or whether the kids would even like me. But soon all my worries vanished as I was welcomed into the caring environment of classroom eleven. Easterseals is a non-profit organization that provides multiple services to the citizens of New Hampshire. The organization aims to provide services to the mentally and physically disabled as well as individuals with special needs. The mission of Easterseals is “to change the way the world defines and views disability by making a profound, positive difference in people 's lives every day” (“What We Do”, …show more content…
For instance a four year old boy, named Jayden, demonstrated the stable order principle. The stable-order principle is the idea that children understand that number names should be counted in the same sequence (Kail, 1998). I saw this when Jayden decided to count past ten. Jayden was counting how many blocks he had and he correctly counted to ten but after that he was naming the wrong numbers. He said twelve, fifteen and fourteen when he was actually supposed to say eleven, twelve and thirteen. Again when Jayden counted his cars, he counted correctly to ten but then said twelve, fifteen and fourteen like he did when counting his blocks. This showed me that he may not know the correct number names but understands that the number names must be counted in the same order. This was great because it made me feel that my text book was realistic because I was able to see with my own eyes that a child understood this

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