Marilyn Monroe Positive Impact

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America is known for taking normal, everyday people and transforming them into world-known stars. All you need is a pretty face and a story, and you could be the next big celebrity in the tabloids. American Icons can come from any medium from sports legends, outstanding soldiers, intelligent scientists, witty politicians, and many more. Actresses and models are no exception. The first name that comes to mind when thinking of this field is the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Known for risque photography and racy affairs with a pair of brothers, Marilyn Monroe remains famous because of the lifestyle she lived, the critics she picked up during her career, and her impact in the 21st century.
Norma Jeane Baker, who would later be known world-wide
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Jeff Ashworth and James Ellis wrote, “Marilyn Monroe 's looks and allure made her a desirable subject for photographers around the world, and several photographers built their careers by documenting hers” (Ashworth 1). Her effortless beauty was the key to her success. She had a bright future ahead of her. Marilyn Monroe was an orphan who found her calling in entertainment. To some, she is seen as a hero while others think of her life as tragic. For example, Arthur Danto said, “I admire her for her intelligence and courage, but she is a hero because of the personal sacrifices being an idol entailed in her case” (Danto 1). Monroe overcame her challenges and made a name for herself. Some think that the way she portrayed herself caused a negative impact and ultimately led to her death. Jena Sauber wrote, “What isn’t acknowledged is her life of drug abuse, submission and unfaithfulness. She was described by people she worked with as “shallow,” “ditzy” and “stupid.” She died of an alleged drug overdose at the age of 36. She reportedly had affairs with famous married men. In a world with strong, intelligent women leaders, Monroe should not be deemed a suitable role model” (Sauber 1). She needed to be the center of attention. She needed a man in her life. She needed to be …show more content…
She was far ahead of her time and by 1953 she was making 20th Century Fox more money than any other star (Monroe 1). Even 53 years after her death, she is still a movie and modeling icon. She only walked this Earth for 36 years, but her impact on Western Popular Culture will be infinite. At her funeral in 1962, her good friend, Lee Strasberg, said “Marilyn Monroe was a legend. In her own lifetime she created a myth of what a poor girl from a deprived background could attain. For the entire world she became a symbol of the eternal feminine” (American 1). Her quotes are still found on social media sites. Her face is still found on T-shirts, calendars, notebooks, and many more retail items. Her sex appeal is everlasting. Women dress up as her for Halloween. Men fantasize about her. Models aspire to look like her. Photographers strive to recapture the techniques that made her photographs so exquisite. Marilyn Monroe contributed to Popular Culture, but to follow in her footsteps would not be wise. She relied heavily on male attention, was described by co-workers as “ditzy” and “shallow,” and died from a drug overdose at a relatively young age (Sauber 1). It would not be wise to follow in her footsteps. She is a real-life tragic hero. Monroe remains a legendary icon, however, she is a prime example of what media attention can do to a person. She should be respected as a

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