Marilyn Monroe: The Epitome Of Beauty

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The epitome of beauty is is what many considered Marilyn Monroe to be. In a business where smaller sizes are acceptable, Marilyn showed that a woman could be curvy and still be beautiful. One of the most admired and idolized woman of all times, Marilyn overcame a troubled past to become one of the most sought after models and actresses of her time. She is still idolized to this day by young, old, gay, straight, men and women longing to look or be like her. The day Marilyn Monroe died was a day that the world lost one of the most beautiful individuals of all time.

Marilyn Monroe was born at LA General Hospital on June 1st, 1926 and was given the name of Norma Jeane Mortenson. When she was trying to start off her modeling and acting career she chose the name Marilyn Monroe. Talent scout Ben Lyon was the one to come up with the name Marilyn from Marilyn Miller who was a stage actor. The last name Monroe was her mother 's maiden name which is what her and her mother decided together. Unfortunately Marilyn never knew her father. In her youth Marilyn did not have it easy. She had to live in an orphanage for two years when her mother gladys was committed into an institution after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenic, a severe mental condition. She entered
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Although she overcame most, they eventually became too much for her to take. We do not generally remember Marilyn Monroe for her scandals and problems but rather for her iconic beauty and the grace she put forth every day. Most importantly she let woman all over the world now that beauty comes in every shape and size. Even today people want to recreate her iconic look with blonde hair, a beauty mark, and curvy physique. She was not only beautiful on the outside but was a beautiful person on the inside as well. Marilyn one said “ i am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.” that is exactly what Marilyn Monroe was

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