Marilyn Monroe's Most Famous Actress, Singer, Singer, And Model

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One of the world 's most famous actresses of the 1900’s was Marilyn Monroe. She was known throughout the United States for being a famous American actress, singer, and model. Some of her famous nicknames she was known for were The Blonde Bombshell and MM. Marilyn was a famous symbol of beauty throughout the nation in her career of modeling.
Marilyn was born on June 1, 1926 at 9:30 AM in Los Angeles, California in Los Angeles General Hospital. Her original birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson and her parents were Martin Edward Mortensen and Gladys Pearl Baker. Marilyn also had a half-sister with whom she was never got close to in her lifetime and had only met her about a half a dozen times. Martin and Gladys were divorced before they had Marilyn
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Her mother was forced to bring her to the orphanage on September 13, 1935 because of her sickness. At age nine, Marilyn worked in the kitchen at the Orphanage and earned a nickel a month for pay and every Sunday a penny was taken away from her and was given to the church. During the two years she was at the orphanage, she shared a dormitory with 26 other girls, and while there, she was moved around to several different foster homes.
One of the foster homes that Marilyn was placed in was with the Goddard family who were family friends of her mother 's. All through 1937 she spend time with the Goddards family and they cared for her. Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Gladys, paid this family twenty five dollars a week for them to care for and raise her. The Goddards family were very strict toward Marilyn and did not let her go to the movies at all. The Goddards family later found out they had to move to the East coast because of a job transfer and they did not have the money to take Marilyn Monroe with them so she was returned to the foster
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She spent nine more years in foster homes and wanted to find a way out. While moving around she didn’t get a very good education and so she later dropped out of highschool as a freshman at age 15. Without school, she then figured out the only way for her to get out of the the foster homes was to get married. When she was 16, she then got married to her boyfriend Jimmy Dougherty on June 19, 1942. He was a smart man who later joined the military and joined the U.S. Merchant Marines in 1943. After this, while still at age 16, Marilyn went to work in an aircraft plant.
After her husband went into the marines her relationship soon fell apart with him and the marriage failed and she then got a divorce from Dougherty in 1946. Soon after her divorce, Marilyn found a job at the Radio Plane Company in Van Nuys, California. While working here she was soon discovered by photographers and this was where it all began for her. After this Marilyn then enrolled in a three-month modeling course for a possible career. Because of her beauty and charm, lots of people along with herself, noticed she had the potential for having a career in films so she then headed to

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