The Film Love, Marilyn Monroe: Sex Symbolism

Superior Essays
Chloe Wheeler
English 112
19th, November 2016
The purpose of this paper is to incorporate research with personal thought and opinion on the subject of a lesser known portion of a historical figure’s life. I chose to do my research on Marilyn Monroe who is known to the public as a sex symbol. I wished to write my paper about her and her involvement in the civil rights movement which seemed to be left out of any available scholarly research. This being said, I changed my subject to her childhood, which was stated in the film Love, Marilyn to be a hugely misunderstood portion of her life. Through my research, I found that Monroe’s childhood was complicated but not quite as tragic as it seemed.
By watching the documentary Love, Marilyn,
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The Bolenders took care of Monroe, and often had visits with Monroe’s mother (Morgan Ch. 2). Seeing that Monroe was not at this point in her life, owned by the state, I concluded that the Bolender family was not a foster home as we Americans know or imagine them to be. Monroe’s time with the Bolender family didn’t last long and Monroe soon found herself back with her mother (Morgan Ch. 2). In my opinion, based on my reading of Marilyn Monroe: private and undisclosed, Monroe’s mother, was for some time a very good mother, who worked hard to take care of her daughter (Morgan Ch. 2). Sadly, all good things must end, and Monroe’s mother went insane, leaving her in the care of Grace McKee (Morgan Ch. 2). McKee, was a good friend of Monroe’s mother and took Monroe in with loving arms (Morgan Ch. 2). I believe that McKee did love Monroe but that she didn’t love her enough. In my reading of Marilyn Monroe: Private and undisclosed, Morgan writes that McKee secretly married a man and when his finances could not support both her and Monroe, McKee took Monroe to the orphanage (Ch. 2). If anyone ever truly loved a child, I don’t believe that they would ever take that child to an orphanage. Monroe did not stay in the orphanage long though, and was taken …show more content…
The stars of our time, like Miley Cyrus, always love to lie about who they are and what they’ve done regardless of if the media has exposed them or not. Stanly Kauffman, writer of “CELEBRITY: Album of Marilyn Monroe”, felt the same about Monroe. In my opinion, Monroe, though she resembled such an inappropriate and nasty thing, was one of the best famous people to walk this earth. It is my opinion that Monroe allowed the majority of her life to be set in the public eye and did not fight it. I believe that Monroe felt she owned it to her fans and followers to be honest. She may have been unreal in her physical appearance, but her mental appearance was always real and at times her physical appearance was too, as seen in Caitlin Flanagan’s article, “Inventing Marilyn: anyone who thinks the story of Marilyn Monroe doesn’t warrant such attention doesn’t know much about it.”, which speaks about a man who wrote of Monroe in a rude context (96).
Some like it hot is Monroe’s most popular film, according to Love, Marilyn. During the filming of some like it hot, Monroe was pregnant and miscarried two separate times (Love, Marilyn). It is my belief that during the filming of Some like it hot that Monroe hit her lowest point. Monroe became upset with herself and started to feel like a victim of publicity (Love, Marilyn). Shortly after all of this, Monroe was placed in

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