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  • Slender Man Research Paper

    Men In Black, and as the name suggests, appears very thin and able to stretch his limbs and torso to inhuman lengths in order to induce fear and ensnare his prey” ( The thing is, like most rational would assume, Slender Man is a made-up creature, something akin to what you would see in a Scooby Doo cartoon. Unlike most internet hoaxes, myths, and urban legends, the story of Slender Man can be traced back to the moment of its creation: On June 10th, 2009, the story of Slender Man was posted on the Something Awful internet forum, a comedy website meant for people around the world to join together and laugh at ridiculous things. One day, a man going by the alias Victor Surge uploaded two photos to a thread on the sight titled “Create Paranormal Images.” The purpose of this thread was to see if people who were skilled in the art of Photoshopping could put their skills to the test and create the best new paranormal creature. The posted pictures depicted Photoshopped images of a group of children; the disturbing thing about these photos was that there was an unnaturally tall, pale creature with a blank face wearing a black suit in the background, stalking the children. Users of the Something Awful forums started to post details about the tall creature, giving it a background history, otherworldly abilities, and through their efforts, the legend of Slender Man was born and spread like wildfire. But you have to ask yourself, if any ration person would be able…

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  • Elements In Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine

    Ray Bradbury that you have to read closely to catch. While he is more widely known for his science fiction and dystopian novels, Bradbury can write a very detailed realistic fiction. Therefore, we will have to dig deeper to find the true meaning of Bradbury's words. The certain elements that I will explore include character, themes, style, plot, and setting. The characters in Dandelion Wine are crucial to the plot of the book, especially Doug. He faces many things that shape his opinions, or…

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  • Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury is a story about two boys who live in Greentown, Illinois. The two boys, Jim and Will grow up quickly in a few days when a carnival comes to town and they must try to help the lonely people of the town who long for something. The carnival feasts upon the town's people who long for something more and turns them into freaks that become part of the carnival. Disney also turned Bradbury's book into a movie that was released in 1983 and had Bradbury…

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  • Argument Analysis: Kagan And Death

    Zachary Binhaji #1003604520 Kagan and Death Kagan starts with the supposition that the death of a man's body brings about the finish of that individual's presence, as there is no proof that humans can live without a body. With that stance, he makes the inquiry- if death is the end of our reality, then in what capacity can the absence of life be terrible for us? While some would state that passing is especially awful for the survivors of the perished since they miss the individual who's passed…

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  • Comparing Sara Teasdale's When I Am Not With You

    All three of the poems and short stories I chose have similarities. The authors in all three stories/poem are similar because they talk about love in many different ways. In the poem, When I Am Not with You," written in 1922 by Sara Teasdale, the narrator is explain how lonely she feels when she 's not with her other half. Right here she 's already stating how much she loves him and miss him. In the short story, "Falling in Love," written somewhere between 1823 - 1904 by Grace Greenwood, she 's…

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  • My First Fear Analysis

    is something that I’ve always had a hard time doing. Doctors tell me that my fear should lessen as I get older but I see it staying the same or getting worse. Fears I feel are something that everyone has. It may be the simple fear of clowns or something serious like dying. I’ve had the same two fears since I started kindergarten. When I had my finger poked at my checkup for school I started to form this awful fear of hospitals and needles. At that appointment I fainted right in the chair and…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Puppy Mills

    Puppy Mills are something that I feel strongly about and it’s not exactly a good feeling. I believe that puppy mills are cruel to animals and we need to put a stop to them. Some people say that puppy mills are fine, they aren’t treating the dogs badly. On the other hand, most people say that puppy mills are horrible and no dog should ever feel that kind of pain and that’s what I agree with. This is something that I feel strongly about because I have a dog that came from a puppy mill and she is…

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  • Themes Of The Wars Timothy Findley

    The Wars by Timothy Findley is a novel telling the story of nineteen-year-old Canadian officer in World War I, Robert Ross. Ross enlists in the army after his sister dies under his watch, or really lack thereof, after telling some backstory of how Ross got to this decision he heads to basic training. After training he heads off to France and fights a gruesome battle filled with trench warfare, gas, snipers and muddy (shit fields triggered) like scenes that paint a picture of an awful war. The…

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  • Induced Abortion Is Wrong

    to find a way to get rid of a innocent baby right?How people wonder what it would feel to be a mother or see how it looks like. Well abortion is one of the most awful things to do because people are killing human being. Also a innocent baby but person are still killing one. Abortion should not be allowed to do. It's not right it’s something awful horrible to do.People's body it’s something harmful to do to it.Woman should consider that they are killing a human being by aborting a poor…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Appearance In Minister's Black Veil

    ‘Tremble also at each other’” (Hawthorne 13). Mr. Hooper is telling people that it’s wrong to judge others on their physical appearance and everyone wears their own veil. After church, an old member said, “‘I don’t like it,’ muttered an old woman, as she hobbled into the meeting-house. ‘He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face’” (Hawthorne 2). This quote shows that the old member is inferring that Mr. Hooper has become and awful man because he changed his physical…

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