The Quandary Of Order In Somalia Analysis

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This thesis-driven essay deals with the quandary of order in Somalia, the purpose being to determine the factors that maintain the current condition of statelessness. An important aspect of this exercise is to highlight the differences within the region embodied by the legal unit of Somalia. Located in the North of the country, two major entities have developed, Somaliland and Puntland, in stark contrast to southern and central Somalia which “are marred by violence and the absence of effective political order.” This disparity between a merely functioning and existing with or without lawful authority in States in the north compared to ineffective legitimate States in the South is essential to understand the political relations in today Somalia. …show more content…
In turn, this would increase the possibilities for stability in the wider region.”
Various national security reports, doctrines, articles and strategies place ‘state failure’ as a significant security crisis, mainly in the developing world. The idea of a ‘Failed State’ is perceived as challenging within itself but there is rationale for “other security threats, such as regional instability and terrorism.” This discourse holds the State as a necessary precondition for security, stability and peace. These school of thoughts is a robust burden in Western political philosophy referring back to Hobbes’ normative philosophy of the State in which he “argued that the sovereign State was a solution to the ‘perpetual war’ otherwise facing men.” Thus to a growing
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These circumstances offer many indications to why Somali society tenders such a multi-layered structural picture to observers. Therefore it is imperative to emphasize that it is tricky to view any of “these organizations, e.g. diya-communities or clans, as the primordial group or level” of analysis. What does this means? In simple terms, the belief that one can recognize a specific level which would be the one that truly matters is perhaps misrepresenting. What is imperative to note is that the clan has turned out to be a very compelling category that can be exploited for political

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