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  • Sovereign State Despite Globalisation

    international relations that state sovereignty is being undermined by globalisation. Scholars argue new global powers are bringing about the end of state sovereignty as states are losing the ability to effectively govern their own societies and economies. (Ohmae 1995, Scholte 2000 in McGrew 2014: 16) This essay however will attempt to reaffirm the importance of the sovereign state despite globalisation, initially through examining some arguments for the proposed idea, and secondly through adopting a realist perspective on the issue. Sovereignty is defined by Heywood (2014: 4) as the “supreme and unquestioned authority” and, he says, what gives a state sovereignty, is its ability to govern itself and make its own laws.…

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  • Sovereign State Research Paper

    In order to be a Sovereign State, in my opinion, there must be some sort of government. You must be able to have absolute control over all aspects of your country, and you must also provide adequate welfare for your citizens. If the welfare of your citizens becomes unsuitable, and you are no longer able to take care of them; or choose not to, then you are no longer a sovereign state. Also, there must be a defined sovereign territory for your state, we need to know where your state begins and…

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  • National Sovereignty And Economic Sovereignty

    Sovereignty, just as its name implies, the sovereignty means the state or a country can handle their own internal and external affairs independently, that the state is fully autonomous in the exercise of power and cannot be interference by other states. Also has the right to self-defense and the right to equality in international law. In short, the "autonomous self-determination," the highest authority. The concept of sovereignty to enter the field of international law, is derived from Hugo…

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  • Li And Zhou's Argument Analysis

    sovereignty lies in the status of its external recognition; according to Li and Zhou: financial sovereignty is a component of sovereignty itself and therefore is “…composed of financial sovereign status, financial sovereign authority, and financial sovereign capability.”(Li and Zhou, p. 178). Sovereign status, being based on the recognition and consent of other states, should not be affected by globalization of financial capitalism, leaving the other two components from Li and Zhou: financial…

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  • Totalitarianism In Ukraine

    humanitarians may have to further compromise to be able of maintaining activities, hence the possibility to use leverage from both warring parties and to ultimately use humanitarian ‘engagement or sense of guilt’ to instrumentalize aid (H02). Most of he interviewees (5/7) evoked possible diversions of resources for non humanitarian purposes: for the government the resources needed for its population may be allocated elsewhere, and for separatists groups diversion of aid may be employed to…

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  • Statelessness In Somalia

    without lawful authority in States in the north compared to ineffective legitimate States in the South is essential to understand the political relations in today Somalia.…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Hobbes And Rousseau

    Hobbes and Rousseau differ in their ideas on the state of nature, Hobbes has a negative view, while Rousseau believes we were better off in the state of nature. The basis for their different ideas on the state of nature contribute to their diverging ideas on their accounts of government by social contract. Hobbes argues for citizens relinquishing their authority to the state, while Rousseau contends for the sovereign authority to be in the hand of the citizens. I will argue that Rousseau makes a…

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  • The Importance Of Human Rights Protection

    tension between state sovereignty and international intervention in pursuit of human rights protection has been contested. Over three centuries later, and the United Nations Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine has codified human rights protection in a global political commitment of the highest order. Following the international acceptance of the R2P, many who support state protection contest the legitimacy of the doctrine, and question its encroachment on state sovereignty. Conversely,…

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  • Foucault's Conception Of Power

    For centuries, China has maintained its power and influence by enforcing the system of Feudalism. However, industrial developments, globalization, and exchange of political thought have forced China to reconsider its administration. Historically, China has gone through multiple transitions — through hierarchal feudal state, communist municipal and disciplinary regime. There is one notable unchanging, and static fact— that throughout these platforms, China was never ruled collectively (even…

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  • Menkhaus: A Somalia Case Study

    failed state, undeniably it could be argued that it is the classic case as Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As Messner (2013) argues, “it is also indubitable that the plan to build and sustain a modern state, with internal and external sovereignty as its defining characteristics has failed in Somalia.” However, Robert W. Cox (2209) adds, “many works in political science dealing with Somalia are written from a ‘problem-solving perspective’ rather than analytical…

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