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  • The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

    giant, the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union, the soviet giant that Ronald Regan referred to as the “evil empire” spanning across about a third of the world, was forged in the fires of revolution and ultimately going from the tyranny of the Czar system to the red communism that Vladimir Lenin introduced. Even with decades of the Soviet Union in a power struggle with America and capitalism, on December 25, 1991 the Soviet Union seized to exist and broke apart into separate countries, just to name a few some are the countries of today of Russia, Lithuania, Estonia and much more. The fall of the Soviet Union was on the hands of the man who wanted…

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  • Soviet Federalism In Russia

    When we talk about the Soviet Union we immediately must talk about the following factors that apply to it. The first factor has to be the impact of Soviet federalism on the non-Russian peoples. The other factor is what the Soviet Union did to the surrounding countries. We will discuss whether or not the Soviet Union created nations, harmed nations, or both. Two important historians will help shape my argument and maybe even each other’s. Whether it was a positive or not, the fact of the matter…

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  • Soviet Union And Communism

    The ideas of Marx via Lenin started to shape through the late 1910s into the mid 1920s with Russia 's authoritarian Tsar being replaced by communism through violent revolutionary struggle (, 2016). While the Soviet Union achieved its short term aims moving towards socialism the state did not wither away, instead to maintain power it is run in an authoritarian style. The USSR is a one party state lead by dictator Joseph Stalin that protects its interests through violent…

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  • Comparing Soviet Union

    Comparing Soviet Union and Russian Media Censorship run by the rulers of the USSR began when the state and church separated in 1918, and lasted until the late 1980’s. The Glavit, which was the censorship office, was created in 1922. Its purpose was to reject everything that opposed the new Soviet rule and that would “corrupt” its citizens’ minds to resist authority. The Glavit controlled disapproving newspapers, visual and performing arts, and all written publications. There was much hope that…

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  • The Soviet Union: The Rise Of Communism

    The Soviet Union was founded by the Bolshevik Party in November 1917. Their leader, Vladimir Lenin, established Communist rule after the end of the Civil War in Russia in 1921. The Communist regime’s central beliefs were based on the theories and ideas of Karl Marx. Marx believed in the creation of a classless society where all citizens were equal. The components of communism affected multiple aspects of the nation. Economically, the Soviet Union achieved little to none economic or industrial…

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  • North Korea Soviet Influence

    What became of the Soviet Union? Once, it was America’s greatest opponent in the arms and space race: the iconic communistic government. Nonetheless, in time, the Soviet Union crumbled but not without leaving behind a legacy. One of its main legacies was the creation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea. Named the Hermetic State, it stands as one of the few totalitarian countries today. However, the current regime in North Korea would not have come to life had there been…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Soviet Union

    Though the Soviet Union and Western powers such as the United States had been bound together by alliances during times of war, there were many other issues that could not be agreed upon; this notably included the coexistence of communism and capitalism in different parts of the world. Viewing other countries and their respective powers as greater threats (such as Nazi Germany), key members of the Soviet Union, including Josef Stalin, agreed to put away differences with countries in order to gain…

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  • Collapse Of The Soviet Union Essay

    The demise of the Soviet Union would seem to be a victory for the Soviet West because they had lived under the communist rule for so long they did know realize how different their lives were than their eastern counterparts. When The East was eventually allowed to cross the boarders into the West, many people realized that their visitors, who were all doing well off financially, had a better standard of living than they had. While one would think this was a victory for the West, it was not a…

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  • Collapse Of Soviet Union Essay

    There were several major causes for the collapse of the Soviet Union. After Soviet leaders extended their navy and support for rebel movements; the United States restated an anti-Soviet posture in 1981, when Ronald Regan threatened the Soviet regime with intensive military spending. After 1985 a new Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, tried to save communism by introducing reforms. Gorbachev’s attempts to salvage communism failed and in 1989 after communism was replaced with solidarity the Berlin…

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  • Stalin's Threats To The Soviet Union

    When looking at the Soviet Union in the 1930s, the establishment of Stalinism immediately comes to mind. During this period of time, the Soviet Union was a victim of many misfortunes and encountered many external threats. The Soviet Union was at this time a diplomatically isolated Soviet Union trying to triumph Communism but the Comin tern, composed of a group of the communist working class ordered the communist party to help the Nazi (National Socialist German Workers' Party) who were an…

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