Space debris

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  • Examples Of Sustainability In Space

    Sustainability in Space One may think that Earth’s orbit has an unlimited amount of space to hold whatever celestial bodies or satellites it may encounter, but like Earth’s population, there are always limits on space. NASA states that there are over 21,000 objects in Earth’s orbit today that can be considered debris over ten centimeters (Stansbery). Scientists worry about these objects colliding with one another. Collision could cause a major snowball effect that could end up damaging an important satellite or group of satellites that provide us with our everyday privileges, such as television or wireless internet. Space debris is a major problem in Earth’s orbit due to the fact that the quantity our planet’s orbit can withstand is much closer to its limit. The objects that the world puts into space needs to be curtailed and monitored to avoid more collisions, more parts plummeting towards earth, and potential debris causing internet failures or cell phone service failures. Space junk has been prevalent ever since…

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  • Negative Effects Of Ocean Pollution

    interesting is that scientist can see this patch of trash from space. This patch of trash has an effect on everything from plants to the mammals. Many animals get the plastic wrapped around them causing them to get hurt. Also, the plastic is letting out toxins that are causing many plants to die. There is roughly 13 million tons recorded of plastic that is floating in the ocean as one speaks. Plastic takes thousands of years to finally decay. There have only been five patches discovered so far…

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  • Plastic Oceans: How Plastic Enter The World

    In the video, Plastic Oceans it mentioned facts about water that I was surprised about. For example, microplastics can be mistaken for fish by the sea water chicks, the plastics then stay in their body, and the birds don't know any better, so they keep eating the microplastics. The microplastics add up over time and eventually kill them. Not many chicks make it to adulthood because of the pollution. Water pollution is not only affecting birds. About 3.5 million pieces of new plastic enter the…

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  • The Effects Of Plastic Debris On Seabirds

    in my presentation of the effects of plastic debris has on seabirds and how it effects the environment. Brief Concerns Plastic is almost everywhere in our everyday lives. It has become a convenient commodity which is used every day, from storage containers and packaging to plastic bag to take home our goods. Gopal, Phebe, Kumar and Vani (2014) refer to plastic as being inexpensive and overused, hence polluting the environment. United Nations Environment Program [UNEP] also estimate that in 1997…

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  • Inside The Garbage Of The World Analysis

    The film “Inside the Garbage of the World”, directed by Philippe and Maxine is a documentary that focuses on the growing problem of ocean pollution due to excessive plastic consumption. A serious roster of experts: Capt. Moore (Marine Research Institute), Dan Glaser (Surf-rider foundation), Dr. Andrea Neal (Jean-Michel Cousteau), Professor Christopher Cogan (CSU Channel Islands) want to make people aware of the damage they are doing to animals and the planet because of the high concentration of…

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  • Causes Of Plastic Debris

    It is well know that there is an ongoing plastic debris epidemic with an estimated 8 billion tonnes of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean each year (Walter, 2015). With the increasing growth of the human population and the ever expanding affluence of lower income countries plastic waste is only going to increase. Marine ecosystems will be the brunt of this crisis with most terrestrial plastic waste ending its journey in the oceans. The most fragile ecosystems, coral reefs, will be the…

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  • Coco Beach Case Study

    Coco beach is a public beach with no entrance fee unlike other beaches in the Dar-es-salaam city in Tanzania. The beach is dirty and polluted which has lowered the attraction for visitors and residents. Hence it is necessary to estimate the recreational use value of Coco beach in order to maintain its environmental quality and avoid the irreversible damage. Non-market valuations have become increasingly important for placing monetary values for the environmental goods and services. The specified…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Plastics R Us

    be a big success and will be a benign and innovative idea. II. Problem There is no doubt that there are many environmental problems that we have to figure out in order for future generations to enjoy the green and fresh air we take for granted. Our product will be able to solve three main issues regarding plastic and the environment. Plastic in the ocean, the amount of plastic in landfills and the leaching of chemicals from plastics. According to National Geographic Education, it is most…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Why Sea Animals Are Dying

    Each year, littering causes 1 million birds, 100,000 marine mammals, and 4,600 sea turtles to die. Guess who makes that happen? People! Guess who can stop that, EVERYONE! Innocent animals are dying because of litter in the ocean or any body of water. What are we going to do about it. So many sea animals are dying because of littering. Most of it is happening off the Pacific Coast. The animals are eating the litter and getting stuck in it. Leatherback turtles have been around for 100 million…

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  • Sea Turtle Essay

    migrations of hundreds or even thousands of miles. Population Dynamic / Life History Current Status In order for a recovery plan to be established, a team must first look into the obstacles that they will face and conduct a detailed analysis of threats to assist in prioritizing recovery actions. The greatest threat to the loggerhead sea turtle population is loss or degradation of nesting habitat due to coastal development and predation of nests. As discussed by Alava et. al (2011), human…

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