2006 Sundance Film Festival

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  • What Remains Deogratis Niyizonkiza Summary

    In the story Strength in What Remains Deogratis Niyizonkiza is faced with unbelievable stuggles that no one should ever have to go through. Divine intervention plays a role in Deo’s life, whether it be good or bad. All throughout his life, we see instances where a higher being is working in the background. Through divine intervention, Deo’s successes and struggles lead him down the path of righteousness. From the sheer mass of dead and decaying bodies, to the cries of a lone baby, Deo was no stranger to the years of genocide in Rwanda and Burundi. One of the first glimpses of divine intervention occurs on the first day of the killings. Deo was tending his patients and the next moment he was cowering under his very bed. Hoping to not be killed, Deo forced his hands over his eyes but released them for a second to see two pairs of barefoot feet in his room. I believe that a higher being stepped in right at this moment because the two filthy men moved on as one said, “The cockroach is gone. He ran away” (Kidder 67). This was merely the beginning, for he had a great journey ahead of him. During periods of genocide, I am frustrated by the lack of God’s presence. Deo has every right to be critical of God for what he is allowing to happen during this massacre. Us as humans have a great responsibility to not allow things like this to happen, but Deo is nearly positive that it will happen again. This is a period of time that Deo has lost his faith in God because he appears…

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  • Carolyn Bridget Kennedy's Career

    viewpoints, and Carolyn Bridget Kennedy is one such person. She has carved out a niche for herself in the world of independent film that seems to strike a chord with fans from all different walks of life. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions about her career, including her emergence within the genre of indie film, her future ambitions, and even her exceptional perspective on the entertainment world and life in general. wp-1471992746752.png RH: What inspired you to become an…

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  • Personal Narrative: Blast Na's Represent

    other aspirations. Some of my close friends would describe me as motivated, lively, extraterrestrial and a lover of film. For the longest time, I dreamed of directing motion pictures (I was absorbed by the films of Paul Thomas Anderson and Stanley Kubrick), but throughout my teenage years my dream just seemed too unrealistic to follow. I graduated from Westminster High School in the Spring of 2009 and then commenced a three year partying spree until that aforementioned unfortunate spring night…

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  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Should Be Banned Essay

    did, since the quarterback is insecure and doesn’t know how to express his feelings to others. And come out of closet to say who he really is to his friends and family. And even trying a brownie with some drugs in them and get stoned for the first time at the same party. Stephen Chbosky was born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on January 25 1970, to Fred, a former CFO consultant and Lea, a tax preparer He grew up in Upper St. Clair, graduating from the local high school. In 1992, he graduated from…

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  • Gender Inequality In Film Essay

    Gender Inequality in the Film Industry needs to be talked about If you can’t name 5 female directors that have directed more than 3 films, gender inequality exists in the film world. There is a huge pay, equality, opportunity, and bais gap between men and women in the film industry. For every 5 men working, there is 1 woman (Zurko). As a women pursuing film, it’s discouraging how i will have less opportunity and wage than someone else just because of my gender. By highlighting the social and…

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel Analysis

    it an independent film company. Since it’s big sister is a well known company with great resources, Fox Searchlight Pictures has access to the great advancements in film production. Because they are the sister to a major film company, budget wasn 't a necessary issue. The typical amount of money spent on independent films is about $500,000 to $750,000. The amount spent on The Grand Budapest Hotel was well over $23 million dollars. Therefore in the aspect of independent films being low budget,…

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  • Press Clippings Reflection

    Under the Shadow. This movie is a horror film written and directed by Babak Anvari. The movie is about a mother and daughter being haunted by a mysterious evil in 1980s Tehran, during the War of the Cities. The films main star is Narges Rashidi. Narges Rashidi is an Iranian-German actress whose greatest work is in German films where she acted and started her career. Her best accomplishment is in 2007, she received an award for best acting as the new and upcoming young actress. Other stars…

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  • Case Study Behind The Blair Witch

    receive films today. Goal The heart behind the development of The Blair Witch Project was to make a scary movie -something believable that would make the heart race (Klein, 1999). The folklore of the Blair Witch already existed in the Black Hills forest in Maryland. Rather than reinvent an idea that wasn’t believable, the two filmmakers decided to develop a documentary-style storyline containing the recovered footage of three missing college students searching for Burkittville’s Blair Witch.…

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  • Argumentative Speech On Music Therapy

    but can show up as early as age 40) and most people know someone or have a loved one affected by this horrible disease. Music therapy may offer hope for a better quality of life for patients and families trying to navigate this black hole of a disease that there has been no cure found for yet. The following are the hopeful and encouraging benefits of Music Therapy that I have compiled from the independent documentary film “Alive Inside” (2014 Sundance Film Festival) and the article under…

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  • Pawnee Killer Interview Essay

    the opportunity to recently interview Gerald Auger was a veritable treat. I do not often come into contact with Indigenous peoples, and the fact that he is such a well-spoken activist for his people with an heart for indie film that tells the accurate history of this misunderstood people group made this an enlightening question/answer session indeed. random-photo-ben-clayton-photography-1.jpg.jpg…

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