Short Long Hair Wears Earring Analysis

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Annie: Heathcliff, short, long hair, wears earring
Bernard: Sherlock, tall, long hair, wears earring
Carolyn: Romeo, medium, short hair, wears earring
Daniel: Harry, short, long hair, doesn’t wear earring
Since we know each person can be right about only 1 thing, we need to cross out similarities. Starting with Daniel, we know he has to be right about the character not wearing earrings, because he is the only student that had a different answer for that category, and the other 3 students can’t all be right about the same thing. This means we also know the character isn’t named Harry, isn’t short, and does not have long hair. Annie said he was short and has long hair and wears an earring, and we know from Daniel’s answers that those 3 things are incorrect. So, that means Annie is correct about the name, Heathcliff. Since we now know the character isn’t short, isn’t tall, does not wear an earring, and also is named Heathcliff, we cross out those answers that are similar to other student’s responses. Bernard is incorrect about the name, the hair length, and the earring. Since he has to be right about
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Knights always tell the truth. Al says he is innocent, so if he was the criminal he would be lying. Knights can’t lie so we know he isn’t the criminal. So since we know Al isn’t a Knight, and he isn’t lying so he can’t be a Knave, that means he is a Normal. Bob says that is true, and we know he is not a normal so he could either be lying (a Knave) or tell the truth (a Knight). Bob is saying that Al is innocent, so if he lied that means Al would be guilty, and we know Al is not guilty. So that means Bob cannot be a Knave. Clark says Bob is not a normal, which could be true, but someone has to be a Knight. If Bob was a normal, Clark would be lying which means he couldn’t be a Knight or a Knave. Since we know someone has to be a Knight, this means that Clark is a Normal, and Bob is a Knight. Bob is a guilty Knight, the

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