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  • Exemption For Whaling Essay

    Written Assignment Unit 6 For the exemption for whaling issue, you will answer the following: Questions for Discussion: 1. Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption? I disagree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption. However, my disagreement is based on my personal value of unnecessary killing of whales. Many people may hold a similar view on this, but not everyone agrees with it. The people whose food and income source are depending on hunting whales may disagree with it. I can understand the desperation of small fishing villages trying to survive and generate income to support their families, however, a cultural habit should not be a legitimate excuse for exemption, even though I do respect other cultures. In addition, there is a great possibility that some cultural elements are changeable as long as the people are willing to accept the changes, and in addition, they need to have…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Whaling Justified?

    about the controversy of whaling still going on the news, but usually about Japan doing it for scientific research. I’m surprised to learn that Norway does it also, but openly defying the ban by having it done commercially. Is something wrong if most of the world agree is wrong, or is it justified because it is a tradition? Can science justified if something is wrong or good? Does the world has right to tell a country that what they’re doing is wrong and can they force it to stop? These are…

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  • Why Whaling Should Be Banned

    The illegal hunting of Whales (Whaling) - Ella Stallwood Whaling is a practice utilized today which is used to chase down whales that are used for multiple reasons, however it is making numerous whale species end up jeopardized or beginning to be totally wiped out. A few reasons whales are hunted include the production of oil which is used to create candles, skincare and cosmetic items. They can likewise produce food including cooking oil, margarine and meat which makes burgers and other…

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  • Pros And Cons Of International Whaling

    Michael Brooks 4/4/17 ENG 102 International Whaling Argument International whaling has a long history of being dangerous to ocean life. Many people do not realize that it is still a modern issue and has not slowed down. Certain countries like Japan and Norway have a bad reputation for the significant slaughter of whales. Factors such as low numbers and very slow reproduction rate play huge role also. This is causing an uproar in most places of…

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  • Whaling Should Be Banned

    whales as a cultural exemption. Many countries were founded on whaling including the United States. Whales provided a large resource of food, fuel and luxuries such as perfume. It is still a part of the United States ' culture as there are Native American tribes who still hunt to this day as part of their culture. If you take a moral stance against non-endangered whale hunting then you would have to take offense at all meat consumption. It equals the same thing. There is commercial and cultural…

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  • Industrial Whaling Essay

    The practice of hunting whales and harvesting the beached whales dates back to at least 3000 B.C. Industrial Whaling dates back to the 17th century, The Dutch and the English maintained large whaling fleets. Whalers began hunting further away from home as whale numbers fell. By the 19th century America was the leader of the whaling industry. Part of the modernization of the whaling industry was the invention of the factory ship. These were enormous self-sufficient ships that processed the…

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  • Small Scale Whaling Should Be Banned Essay

    “The only language that the Japanese whaling industry understands is economics”, Paul Watson. Whaling has been around for thousands of years, starting with the Norwegians almost 4,000 years ago. Since then, it has become custom for countries to hunt vast amounts of these animals every year, resulting in many species of whale becoming endangered and a significant issue worldwide. Many organizations and countries have chosen to act upon this problem with bans and conservation strategies, but some…

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  • Blue Whaling Research Paper

    20 century, people took up whaling for the energy sources, and the meat and fat of whales can be used in different ways. Since the price of whale meat is really high, many people regard the profit as the chief motivation, caring less about the ecological system. There were about 66000 whales being killed during a hunting season in 1961 and till the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned whaling, the number of whales has decreased 99% of it’s total population. The whaling ban was changed…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Whaling

    An Exemption for Whaling Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption? In 1986, The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whale hunting. Only two countries challenged this ruling - Norway and Iceland. They are the only two countries today that still practice whale hunting commercially. Japan practices whale hunting for “scientific” purposes. At this rate, there’s nothing cultural…

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  • The Whaling Industry In The 19th Century

    19th century, the whaling industry, especially in the pinnacle spot of New England, became a very popular maritime resource-gathering for many people. Whales provided much-needed resources that were somewhat difficult to come by in other locations, and most of a whale’s products were extremely valuable and worth a lot of money. The actual labor that involved hunting whales often paid more and provided more opportunities than some people could find onshore. The object on the left, is a lantern in…

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