Discrimination In Mexico

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No Hispanic group has contributed more to the nation’s [US] prosperity than Mexicans, yet none makes white America more uneasy about the future (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 96). Mexico is at the core of our country’s Latin heritage and every 2 in 3 Latinos in America are Mexican. But, how did Mexicans get to the discrimination that they are suffering today? In this paper, I will show the violence Mexicans endured following the U.S.-Mexico War, and the many Mexicans groups who were fighting back against their Anglo counterparts, and the Mexican groups who are still fighting the “war” today. Mexicans faced some of worst violence when the Anglo settlers saw Mexicans in South Texas as an obstacle to progress (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 100). Because Mexicans …show more content…
Manuel Garza returned home and decided not to let the Anglos overrun him again. There was a restaurant in town that would not let the Mexicans come in and eat. “One day a bunch of us in uniform just walked in and forced them to serve us. When we came out of the army, we started making a whole lot of noise and they let us eat” (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 104). Despite Garza’s victory and a few others in Los Angeles and San Antonio, the cry for equality and respect went unheard and segregationist policies against Mexicans persisted into the 1960’s (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 104). One of the most influential groups to was the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO), which was founded in San Antonio. Though the two organizers had different opinions would symbolize two trends within the movement, they both wanted the Mexicans to be respected and not be discriminated against. Anglo America continues to deny how much the social, cultural, political, and economic reality of the West and Southwest has been shaped by Mexicans (Gonzalez, 2011, p. 107). After not only the violence and discrimination, but also the battles Mexicans have to face even today, Anglo Americans still deny Mexicans what is truly theirs. Mexicans did not cross the border, the border crossed Mexicans. Mexicans, especially those who live in South Texas, should not be punished for something that was out of their

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