A Sketch Of Mexican Society Summary

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This week’s readings discusses different aspects of the Mexican war. In “Mexican Views of the Mexican-American War discusses the origin of the war between Mexico and the United States, it states “To explain then in a few words the true origin of the war, it is to say that the insatiable ambition of the United States, favored by our weakness, caused it”, the weakness that it’s referring to is the Mexican government. Like we discussed on Thursday, Mexico has always had a chaotic government that contributed the loss of Mexican land. It can be lead to think that if Mexico had a secure government, the loss of the land wouldn’t have happened. Mariano Otero’s “Considerations Relating to the Political and Social Situation of the Mexican Republic in the Year 1847” relates to the previous reading because he explains the Mexican government and weak army contributed to the loss of …show more content…
Poinsett, he paints a picture for the audience of life of Mexico. Although it’s very useful because it’s in first person source, Poinsett writes negatively about the Mexicans. In the text stating the background information about the author, it states that he’s from a slave state so he comes to this society with a “racist” mindset. He writes the negative parts of people living in squalor and that’s okay but he needs to also add the good parts of people living in squalor to balance the views on them because people in the United States will see the Mexican society in a bad light if that is what he writes. William S. Henry’s, “With the Stars in Mexico” talks about Manifest Destiny and wanting to use their land for agriculture. Just like Joel R. Poinsett, he writes the Mexican people in a bad light saying that the Americans know how to handle the land. What I found most interesting and it relates to Frances Calderon de la Barca, is the role of Dos Amades, a woman, in the Lancers. This is the first time I’ve heard a woman being a big part of a

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