Discrimination In Mexican Americans

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Throughought the history of the United Sates after the colonization period, minority groups have suffered through appalling circumstances mandated by White Americans. They were targeted for discrimination at early ages regardless of gender, and these acumens varied from verbal confrontations to violent deaths. The reasons as to why minority groups had to undergo these preposterous events were only because of the difference of skin color and distinct language. One specific group that agonized during the 1800’s were Mexican Americans. Before taking over California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, this was Mexico’s undisturbed territory (1). After confronting numerous incidences between the dispute of land, Mexicans had to establish in …show more content…
There was a clear injustice between these groups that eventually made them distrust the law. Law enforcement especially tried everything to arrest and take these people to jail without any reasonable excuse that they in fact broke the law. They were not the only ones that implemented a prejudicial unfairness against Mexican Americans and African Americans. White Americans were also involved in committing violence against them, these ranged from minor crimes to vicious ones that lead to lynching and death. Whenever they did tried to defend themselves they were the ones who got penalized, rather than White Americans that were actually the ones who instigated the delinquency. One famous incident that happened in California in 1851 was the killing with hanging of the first woman known as Juanita. She was protecting herself from being raped by using a knife to stab a white male teenager. Since she had Mexican decent, they convicted her instead of protecting her and also proceeded to not indict the teenager meanwhile having total the fault (5). Along with law enforcement and civilians, the government was also contributing to the atrocious biased laws that were meant to be against Mexican Americans. There were in fact laws that were made to comprise the lives and safety of African and Native Americas, but the ones made for Mexican Americans did not apply to the other two. After so many inequalities, Mexicans decided to upraise against the discriminations by arranging protests and being a part of the social justice movement

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