Prejudice And Discrimination Of Mexican Americans

Register to read the introduction… A few degrading words that people use when referring to Mexicans are; Wetback, Spic, and Beaner, whether American or not. They also have many stereotypes against them such as lazy, machismos, drunks and many more. One of the main reasons they are discriminated against is because of their illegal immigration into the United States. Mexicans were left no choice but to cross illegally to seek a better life, because of the cost and many obstacles it made it difficult to become a citizen. Often they were forced to work physically demanding jobs for less pay due to non-citizens or lack of options, or because they wanted badly to be part of the U.S and saw themselves to be best off here even if wages were cheaper than back at home. Companies did not make the situation better they took advantage of their need for jobs and employed them with poor working conditions and minimum wage because they knew they had no other choice.
Resilience of the Mexican American
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As these numbers increase there is a greater need for social work education to provide culturally sensitive training to social work students. Social Workers need to understand and know the different origins of Mexican cultures to not get them mixed up. Social workers need to set aside all biases when working with Mexican Americans or any other cultures for that matter. Mexicans do not want to be judged on their color or looks. As a social worker we need to understand the discrimination they are faced with and know what their beliefs are. Have knowledge on immigration and migration discusses how to assess for levels of acculturation; examine cultural values; and explore prejudice work issues if any.
Biases against other groups A cultural bias I can think of is marrying or dating someone of a different race as you. Mexican Americans are very proud of where they came from and often want to keep wedlock in the same race. They feel by dating out of your race you are ashamed of who you are and consider it a disgrace. Mexican Americans want to keep the Mexican culture alive and growing, by missing with other the races we are losing some of our culture traditions.
Due to the missing of races we are seeing more English speaking people than Spanish. It is very sad that today the majority of people raised in a Mexican, Hispanic or any other type of Mexican
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