Inequality In Mexico

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Mexico is a truly wonderful country filled with a rich history and culture. Many people travel on vacation to enjoy all of the beauty that Mexico has to offer, but most people do not see the extreme inequalities that the people of Mexico experience. The majority of people in Mexico are severely impoverished and live in an environment that makes it extremely difficult to break the cycle of poverty and advance in life. The type of hardships that many Mexican citizens face is unimaginable to most people living in the United States. Lack of adequate education for the poor is a major issue that affects the country significantly as a whole. Mexico has also been known to experience major corruption issues that have crippled the country in the past. …show more content…
Mexico has the 14th largest economy in the world, yet over 50 million Mexican citizens continue to live in poverty. The country 's wealthiest individuals control almost 43% of Mexico 's wealth and the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow. ( The minimum wage in Mexico at this time is $73.04 Mexican pesos, which is approximately $4.25 U.S. dollars. There is arguably no middle class, but simply the wealthy and the extremely poor. The tax policies of Mexico seem to only benefit the wealthy, while the poor suffer. There is also major concerns with the economic influence coming from private entities with personal interests that will not benefit the poor in the slightest. The wealthy elite is deeply entrenched in politics and has a strong influence on the direction that the country is headed in. Mexico has the potential to grow exponentially, but they are some big obstacles. The rich continue to prosper, while the poor remain …show more content…
Proper educational infrastructure has been a long neglected issue as well. 48 percent of state schools have no access to sewage let alone school supplies. Many educational institutions across Mexico do not have the proper resources to provide children with an adequate education. It appears that new policies need to be put into place and a clearer, more effective education model. Education in Mexico must undergo a transformative process for the country to prosper domestically and globally. Private schools students have access to the best education while the poor are marginalized and the cycle of poverty continues as the quality of education of the poor remains constant ( educational system in Mexico is truly failing the students and will hinder them in the future. There is a strong correlation with economic prosperity and education.
The quality of education in the United States far exceeds that of Mexico and rightfully so. Although there are certain issues with the educational systems in America, children are given the chance to truly learn and develop the skills needed to be successful and create more opportunities for

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