The Consequences Of Independence

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A young child is eager to reach the age of adulthood after constant badgering from a society that recites the rules he must abide by. Injured and handicapped, a woman cannot move freely as others around her do. A frail elderly is unable to bathe, or get out of bed without the assistance of another person. These different scenarios illustrate the helplessness to exert one’s own free will, without depending on those who maneuver and control their life. Independence means voluntarily choosing what best serves their personal interest as means to achieve fulfillment and happiness.
Physical, and age constraint, can prevent complete independence, but the definitive deterrent to independence is one that is governed by a foreign entity who dictates
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However, unlike Mexico’s movement for independence was driven by power, the principal difference in the United States movement for independence is fueled by Capitalism. Great Britain imposed heavy taxes on goods such as tea, sugar, and stamps to create revenue and quarter British troops in America, policies that was faced with great Americans opposition in the new colonies. Great Britain increases their military to stabilize an Americans insurgence, prompted by a series of congressional meetings to produce resistance against them. In time America fires against Great Britain’s military men, thus begins the American Revolution. The ends the feudal system and allows the United States for exploration in uncharted lands, soon realizing with the creation of estate economy it can generate wealth by collecting profits off private lands. This means land can be owned and privatized, and be sold or leased or crate factories which leads to industrialism as a means of production to generate profit for wealth which is defined by capitalism. The Americans recognize this as a beneficial system to the economy and want to spread it from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, which leads to expansionism. The Americans believe their right to expand territories is sanctioned by the Manifest Destiny, a credence given by God. “The Protestant American God wants the United States to expand in the name of profit (Class lecture on 03, October 2016). Moreover, Christianity dominates the United States its government and its people, as justification to spread the word of God and bible to defend their rights to expand a movement known as The Great Awakenings. Capitalism, however, works if there are people to work the means of production, who are men and women who cannot be fully independent without salaries earned by labor. Most cannot afford to own land or pay

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