Pontius Pilate

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  • The Cross Symbol Of Grace Analysis

    the governor of Jerusalem was a Roman by the name of Pontius Pilate. The Jewish leaders falsely accused Jesus of subverting the nation. They told Pilate that “He opposes payment of taxes to Cesar and that He claimed to be Christ, a king” (Luke 23:2). Jesus’s enemies were relentless and determined to get Him convicted. Jesus was eventually put on trial, and every step of the proceedings His enemies were there to press their lying case. During all the accusation and trial, there was no counsel for the defense. In the time that Jesus walked the earth the sole responsibility for the fairness of a trial fell to the magistrate, in this case, Pontius Pilate. Yet, since we read in every Gospel account that Pilate found no fault in Jesus and wanted to set Him free, we have to ask: What happened to justice? Why did Pilate change his mind? Matthew even says that Pilate 's wife, Claudia Porcula, had dreamed about Jesus and sent word to her husband: "Don 't have anything to do with that innocent man" (Matthew 27:19). John 's Gospel records the turning point in the proceedings against Jesus. Pilate has decided that Jesus should go free. Then someone in the crowd shouts, "If you let this man go, you are no friend of Caesar" (John 19:12). "Friend of Caesar" was one of the formal titles for a Roman governor. Whoever shouted this knew that Pilate was standing on a slippery political slope. When Pilate heard it, he abandoned his defense of Jesus. The…

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  • Passion Of The Christ Analysis

    of the most important day of mankind. This paper will demonstrate that although the movie’s depiction slanted towards a bias of the Jewish people being against Jesus, the Sanhedrin were not representatives of the sediment of the Jews. It will also show that Pontius Pilate, a man of consciousness, was ultimately used as a pawn by God to carry out the inevitable death of Jesus. Finally, this paper will demonstrate that the death of Jesus was not a result of the Sanhedrin or Pontius Pilot, but…

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  • Jesus Christ Superstar Analysis

    In an article about Musicals and Hollywood’s adaptation of the musical there was a chart that had a list of the names of the main characters that were in the musical. “The main characters that were in the musical were Jesus, played by Jeff Fenholt, Judas, played by Ben Vereen, Mary Magdalene, played by Yvonne Elliman, Heriod, played by Paul Ainsley, and Pontius Pilate, played by Barry Brennan”(Hischak). One can see from this list that these actors were the original cast that had performed the…

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  • Summary Of The Lost Letters Of Pergamum

    place. The details regarding the events, tasks, and business. which were important to the class to which Antipas belonged all seem to accurately represent that portion of that society well. Similarly the accounts of the Christians from the group who met at the house of Antonius seem to provide an accurate picture of the lives and situations which real of people of that class in that day of age. The second aspect which adds much to the story is the specifics from the bible that like the…

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  • A Reflection Of John 15: Farewell Discoursion

    While giving the account of Jesus before Annas (18:12-24), and then the account before Pilate (18:28-40), the text omits what occurs while Jesus is in Caiaphas’ own home (18:24, 28). As if Annas’ house was a common place for people to hang out in the dead of night, Peter and the beloved disciple are confronted with quite a crowd just waiting around…in the dead of night. If this is not shady enough for you, then consider the role of Malchus’ relative (18:26). For such a person to be present…

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  • Jesus's Journey

    to the Romans. The Jews wanted their authority in the manner. Without the Romans word, noting could be done to him. Jesus was brought up to before Pontius Pilate. Pilate asked Jesus were these accusations true. Jesus said yes they are. Pilate gave he plenty of ways out of this situation, Jesus refused these offers. Pilate asked the Jewish crowd why this man should be treated and punished so harshly, they said he is not king of the Jews, he is no one. Pilate did not want Jesus to be hurt or…

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  • Short Story Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

    governor Pontius Pilate. Pilate had Jesus sent to King Herod because Jesus was a Galilean after questioning Jesus and not receiving the reaction or response he desired. Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate (Collins, n.d.), when Jesus went back before Pilate he was flogged, beaten or whipped. (Cohn, 2008) Soldiers then made him a crown to mock him as King. He was then dressed in a purple robe and walked in front of the crowd, the crowd who would sentence his death. When the chief priests and their…

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  • Archetypal Jesus In A Separate Peace, By John Knowles

    First of all, Finny dies because of Gene’s sin. When Gene visits Leper, Leper is the first to accuse him of making Finny fall out of the tree, “… you knocked Finny out of the tree.” (145). Gene symbolizes Judas because he betrayed Finny. His betrayal resulted in Finny’s death. Also, Brinker symbolizes Pontius Pilate. Brinker holds the trial which ends in Finny falling down the stairs. Brinker is partially responsible for Finny’s death. In addition, Gene is only able to forgive himself because…

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  • Truth In John 18: 38, Captial-T True

    Pontius Pilate asked Jesus this same question in John 18:38, “What is truth?” Captial-T True is, according to wallace, an attitude and state of mind. It is simply an opportunity to, “decide how you’re gonna try to see it.” In this case, “IT” being any given situation a person might encounter during any given day. It is a conscious decision to be willing to look at tough, mundane, boring, and repetitive situations from a worldview other than the normal. A facet of Capital-T Truth is that, “it is…

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  • Cristo Muerto The Dead Christ Analysis

    Formerly known as the Cristo Muerto, The Dead Christ is a sculpture that depicts the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is made out of wood and from an ancient technique of Polychromed Poplar. It is believed to have been used in Northern Latium and Umbria while also traveling and being used at to other churches. After it had been discovered, it was reinstated to what it would have looked like in the period that it was created. Today, it is renowned for its importance in the history…

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