Ernest Hemingway Today Is Friday Essay

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Ernest Hemingway, born into a strict Congregationalist home in Oak Park, Illinois, regularly attended services at the First Congregationalist Church. Later in his life, he converted to Catholicism for his second wife, Pauline. Many sources say that although he labeled himself under a religion for the entirety of his life, his writing reveals that he was an atheist in actuality (Kershaw, "Ernest Hemingway’s Religion and Political Views"). Hemingway’s experiences with religion are illustrated in the short play, “Today is Friday.” In the play, symbolism is used through characters and items as a vehicle to express three different perspectives on religion. The views depicted are: full believer in Jesus Christ, questioning believer in Jesus Christ, …show more content…
This stuff don’t get you anywhere” (Hemingway 359). This is in response to the first soldier’s suggestion in ordering another round of wine. The third soldier’s expresses his non-belief in Jesus up through the end of the play. After the first soldier says that he thought Jesus was great during his crucifixion, the third soldier says, “He was alright” (Hemingway 357). The third soldier immediately shoots down the first soldier’s praise of Jesus. Later on in the play, the third soldier does not want any more wine. The stage directions describe, “The third Roman soldier is sitting with his head down. He does not look well” (Hemingway 358). This shows the impact that the first soldier had on the third soldier when trying to persuade him to drink the wine, or to believe in Jesus. At the very end of the play, the third soldier says, “I feel like hell” (Hemingway 359). The author puts a clear emphasis on this phrase by using it twice within a span of 3 lines. Typically, those who are devout believers in Jesus think of the word “hell” as a profane word. The soldier’s repeated use of this word shows that his beliefs (or non-beliefs) in Jesus have not changed throughout this

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