Golf Balls: The Physics Of Golf

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The physic of golf is more complex than most people think; from the golf balls they use to the clubs, and even the way they swing the club. The golf swing is one big arc, and when a person swings his arms they accelerate around body. Creating speed this speed is then transferred from the face of the golf club to the ball, which is then launched with its own velocity. This is just the basic of hitting a golf ball many university’s have put a lot of research in to how a golf can maximize hitting the golf ball both strait and far. In golf “the longest clubs are used for the most distance”. When the head of the golf club come in “contact with the golf club it only touches the ball for a thousandths of a second”. When the ball comes in contact with …show more content…
“To produce a hook ball that veers to the left or a ball that veers to the right”. “For a golfer that hooks the ball he will shift his feet to the right to counter act the hook, a person who slices the ball will have to shift his feet the left to counter act the slice of the golf ball”. (Fritts , 2002)
The reason a player will hit a hook is “because his club is hitting the ball later in his swing and will therefore mean that the club will hit the far side of the golf ball first”. Which this will lead to a ball that veers to the left also referred to as a hook in golf. (Fritts , 2002)
A person who slices the golf ball is the exact opposite of the person, who hooks the golf ball, “because the club hits the ball earlier in the swing and will therefore mean that the club will hit the close side of the ball first” and the ball will veer to the right also referred to as a slice in golf. (Fritts ,
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“The professional was surprised to see that when the golf ball with no dimples on it went only half as far as the golf ball that had dimples, he was confused. It didn’t make since how a golf ball that had dimples, which are only 0.0001 inch deep, could make such a difference.” (Reijnders , 2005 )
“The reason behind all this because the ball has dimples it allows the air to flow across the surface of the golf ball allowing it to travel farther and faster with less effort vs. the ball that has no dimples it will catch more air across the surface creating a lot of drag witch slows the ball down and make it harder to hit far”. (Reijnders , 2005 ) The golf ball with dimples also tends to fly straighter because the airflows across the surface of the ball and doesn’t curve as much as a ball that has no dimples. The reason why the ball with no dimples will curve off course is because the air will flow across the ball and catch it and blow it off course. Scientist have also tested if you use a deeper dimple would the golf ball travel straighter, and in these studies they found that the ball with the deeper dimples would rise strait up because the air when it flows across the ball will go underneath the dimples of the golf ball creating lift on the golf ball making it rise higher in the air. (Fritts ,

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