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  • The Geography Of Bliss Analysis

    This quote from Eric Weiner’s travel narrative, The Geography of Bliss, epitomizes an American perspective on thinking. Before his travels pursuing happiness, Weiner never had to consider what thinking did, or does, emotionally. Like many Americans, I find my perspective to be limited in that we Americans do not naturally consider how our thinking is affecting our own happiness. In his book, Weiner finds that other countries have views very contradictory to ours at home. Weiner even points out that, though our thinking vocabulary is strong, our happiness vocabulary is next to nil compared to other countries, like Thailand, which has multiple words for smiles. The American dependency on thinking – in any form, shallow or deep – is unique, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: Soccer In The Barrio

    learning and fun. I say they are my family because I have come to the point in touching each one of their lives as well as them touching my own. The bond we share is special and unique, something I have never found anywhere else, it is as if I am their older brother. I know how to have fun and appreciate their companionship in the moment, which makes it even more memorable. Seeing that smile in that boy or girl I helped is seeing that momentary happiness that I cultivated with joy. When I go to…

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  • Analysis: Is Ignorance Bliss?

    Is Ignorance Bliss? Ignorance is blissful but knowing is liberating and preparing you for the not so blissful times. This debate is timeless and has many answers because of this. People that pursue knowledge tend to be in a word hungry for it. This hunger can be good as people grow and find out more about the world around them. This hunger can be seen with Oedipus when he wants to find out who killed the last king for his people. He was trying to be a good be a good king and do what he had to…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Owe My Father

    Then, he bought a house in a good neighborhood near Five Points and moved us out of the barrio in south El Paso. Since we were still very poor, he could not afford the monthly payment on the mortgage, and so he moved us into the basement, while he rented the house to an Anglo family from Ft. Bliss, a military base. Next, he and his friends from the warehouse built an apartment in back of the house, and we moved there for a couple of years. Meanwhile, my brothers and sisters attended the better…

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  • Fort Bliss History

    Fort Bliss is a United States Army post that resides in El Paso, Texas. This fort has its place in history, which still stands between the borders of Mexico and the United States. Fort Bliss has become successful from its many contributions to the military and for our country. The evolution of Fort Bliss has altered throughout the years. It started from the day it was founded, its location, and its functions. It has performed many roles that have made it advantageous to the United States Army.…

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  • The Bliss Short Story

    At the beginning of the short story, Bliss can be identified as being in the Foreclosure stage and then eventually transitions to the Moratorium stage. Bliss was motivated by seeing her sister’s unsuccessfulness to focus on herself and stick to her goals. With that mindset, Bliss tends to be quite stuck in her ways. The author writes, “And America is still the best place to be, except when it comes to smoking. I’ve smoked since I was twelve, and I’m not stopping” (Plummer 28). Bliss is very…

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  • Freedom Janitorial Service Case Study

    Willie Jenkins took off in his solo venture by building a small business in janitorial cleaning around the bases of Ft. Bliss, White Sand Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base, and the city of El Paso. They also provide services to many large construction and trucking companies. His start-up team was just him. At that time, he was trying to gain experience in cleaning a few homes from the members of his church. Gaining from that experience, he decided it was something he would want to do.…

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  • To The Land Of Bliss Analysis

    the funeral ritual will be those rituals can help with that person's afterlife. Due to cultural different resulting with different point of view from different religious, but, they all have similar opinion which is the fact in nature that every individual has to face death. In the movie “To the Land of Bliss”. By Wen Jie Qin describes in the Buddhist community grieving over the death of an old teacher. In the Buddhism standpoint of death is positive attitude and the concept is the mind and…

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  • Is Ignorance Bliss Analysis

    Is Ignorance Bliss? “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life…” (Asimov, Isaac). Many people are ignorant to the subject of anti-intellectualism or just don’t see it as a big issue. There are two definitions of anti-intellectualism, “A person opposed to or hostile toward intellectuals and the modern academic, artistic, social, religious, and other theories associated with them” and also, “A person who believes that intellect and…

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  • Geography Of Bliss Analysis

    In Geography of Bliss, author Eric Weiner proves that countries are happy for different reasons. In particular, he does this in his chapters on Bhutan, Iceland, and Great Britain. In Bhutan, happiness comes from attention to detail, and in Great Britain, it is a work in progress. The Icelandish people are happy because they are not afraid of failure and because they are united. By noting these cultural differences, Weiner shows that happiness is different for everyone. Weiner immediately…

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