Analysis: Is Ignorance Bliss?

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Is Ignorance Bliss?

Ignorance is blissful but knowing is liberating and preparing you for the not so blissful times. This debate is timeless and has many answers because of this. People that pursue knowledge tend to be in a word hungry for it. This hunger can be good as people grow and find out more about the world around them. This hunger can be seen with Oedipus when he wants to find out who killed the last king for his people. He was trying to be a good be a good king and do what he had to do for his people. But often, this hunger can be evil. The truth isn’t always what you want it to be. There are many people that would have been happier without the knowledge they have to this day. Learning the negative truths can make them feel negatively
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How does fate govern our lives?

Fate is a topic that everyone has an opinion on. Predetermined destiny is truly something to marvel at. Fate governs our lives by setting us up with choices to succeed or fail. With every choice, fate controls us. An example of fate would be myself and my family moving to Bismarck. I didn’t understand why we would go to the frozen tundra called North Dakota from our home in Mississippi, but after 4 years, it seems like fate to be here with the better chance to succeed in school, work, and family.
We were given the opportunities such as my dad taking a better job, my mom going back to college, myself, and the other children in my family in school. Specifically with myself it seems like fate to be able to take AP and Dual Credit classes. I didn't have to take them but giving the opportunity I decided to take them. I never would have thought I could take advanced classes back in Mississippi. With this all being said we can tie it in with Oedipus and his family. He was given every opportunity to to either succeed or fail but ultimately he decided his own fate and brought pain and destruction unto his family and
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Irony is the basis of all greek tragedies. It is what makes most literature that we read in our life more interesting that the rest. The irony in the aftermath of Oedipus Rex makes it what the story is, a tragedy. The irony in this story from start to finish makes it why you focus on the end part of the story rather than the beginning. To look at the irony in the story from the beginning is when one starts to piece the puzzle of the whole story together. From Oedipus finding out the what was supposed to happen to realizing it actually did happen, we can see that it’s all ironic because Oedipus was laughing saying it wasn’t but we knew better. The Irony within the story is the best part because the audience knows things the characters don’t and when they figure it out it is like having one of the biggest eureka moments in your life. It makes the audience feel smart to piece the pieces together. It keeps the reader on his or her toes. With all this being said Irony is the main reason why Sophocles choose to write about the aftermath instead of the actual events

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