Personal Narrative: Soccer In The Barrio

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To have nothing, to be the simplest human being, and still be happy and innocent; that is what I see and experience every Tuesday when I go to Hart Elementary School. Being a kid is simple and fun. Reality is for adults, and that is how it should be, that is what I teach my family away from home. It is not sad if you do not know the reality, it is not downgrading if everything around you is simple and exciting. I go every Tuesday to Hart Elementary School for three hours to converse and enjoy their presence. I go to fulfill their enjoyment, to help them appreciate the pleasure of being a kid and knowing that everything is fine. These kids are like family; they not only have fun but they teach me everyday life lessons. Soccer in the Barrio is located in downtown El Paso, Texas, the poorest place in town. This is where I am every Tuesday, helping kids through sports and enhancing their English abilities.
What is Soccer in the Barrio? Well, let me explain the simplest part first. A group of friends and I go and play soccer with kids while
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That is what I want to be part of my future, it is the target I strive for and eventually will achieve. My goal is to help, be it in my eventual college or family, and this community service gives me a wonderful taste of what it really means to lend a hand. I had no idea if I would be writing about this situation but I felt it was a social problem I had to address. I had to put it in words and yet I cannot fully describe how it feels when you are with the kids. These kids live in the worst of situations and I believe this should not be the case. Someday I will expand this project, make it part of my life and others. It is hard to perceive poverty in the most powerful country in the world but it exists. There are many injustices in our world, but contributing to the ones closest to you makes a difference worldwide. Today I help in an elementary school, tomorrow I impact a

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