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  • Junie B Play Analysis

    Introduction I saw Radford University’s production of Junie B. in Jingle bells, Batman smells on Saturday, December 3rd. Junie B. was a popular children’s book by Barbara Parks. Her books have sold over 60 million copies in North America alone and the series was on the New York Times bestseller list for 180 weeks. Parks passed away on Friday, November 15th, 2013. This play was adapted from Park’s 25th book by Allison Gregory and was debuted on November 15th, 2009 and ran until December 27, 2009. Gregory is an American playwright and theatre collaborator. In Gregory’s biography, it states that her plays have been produced all around the country and has “received commissions, grants, and development from [ such places as] Oregon Shakespeare festival, south coast repertory, the Kennedy Center’ and many more. She has received many awards such as the Julie Harris playwriting award, The Garland and Dramalouge award, and the Seattle Tomes Best New Play Award. Some of her notable mature plays include, Fall of Night, Burning Bridget Cleary, and Not Medea. She also has a line plays for young audiences that includes shows such as Peter and the Wolf, Even Steven goes to war, and Go Dog. Go! The Play Other than a small part of the play, the story is linear in terms of timelines. The only deviation of the time lines is a flash back Junie b. has to October for their Christopher Columbus day play. For this whole scene, it is a memory that Junie B. must show why she is so terrified in…

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  • Stage Management: The Evolution Of Stage Management

    and other terms for the stage managers predecessors. Then we can begin to look into how the role has evolved over time into the present craft students are being taught on technical production courses in theatre in different locations around the world. To begin, we must investigate the term of ‘stage management’. As we look back into history, we can see that people who were what we know today as stage managers, did not have that title, however they performed a similar function in the theatre. In…

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  • Straight Acting Essay

    process. These are some of the things an actor can do to ease the stress of those around them and they can also aid the team in creating a worthwhile production. When one is in a show or working in an acting class, it is always a good idea to come warm, ready to work, and prepared. The body is an important part of acting; it is not all about the face and voice. Body language says a lot about a character so have a stretch and do a little yoga or whatever else to get the muscles, joints, and…

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  • Stage Management Essay

    What is Stage Management? How does this role apply to theatre productions? A stage manager will provide practical or organisational support to the director, actors and stage crew/ technicians throughout the production process (ACCT.2016). A stage manager will work with the director from week one to create a monumental final production will keep all onstage and off stage crew organised, this includes organising/conducting rehearsals, blocking, light changes and set changes. This information will…

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  • It's A Wonderful Life Play Analysis

    microphones on stage was a vital component for the audience to receive a positive experience. The director clearly paid attention to detail when blocking each scene, as the microphones were set directly at front and center stage. The microphones displayed across the front of the stage ensured the audience was able to clearly understand each voice variation due to the strategic placement of the microphones themselves. Regardless of where the audience member may have been permitted to sit, they…

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  • Character Analysis: Wrong Baby Daddy

    137) he will slowly walk up to Demetrius’s blade to where it pokes his own neck, and it brings the pitchfork to touch Demetrius’s neck. This moment is here to show to what extent Aaron will go to to protect his child, with blades to each others neck we now know that they both mean serious business. Demetrius, however, is still a coward, therefore he’s the one to back off and go to kill the baby instead. This not only shows his cowardliness, but also asserts the power to Aaron. Immediately, as…

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  • The Virtue Of Emotion In Film Making By Alan Rickman

    “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.” Quoted by Alan Rickman, Rickman reminds us how impactful this multimodal art form can be to the eye of the beholder. Emotion is a virtue when experiencing professional production, as actors can give and take this crucial sense, it seems to grow as they continue their role. Emotion is played by the actor but left for understanding by the audience. As stage right…

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  • Commentary On The Play Grounded

    Grounded was a creatively executed, compelling play about a Pilot and her struggle to keep her identity as a fighter pilot while still being a loving mother and wife. The show was held in the basement of the Longstreet Theatre in a small, dark room. There was one actress on stage, but it was obvious that the production involved several other people to pull it all together back stage. The show was designed so that the audience could see the actress playing the Pilot, a single chair, and a variety…

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  • Dracula Dance Critique

    On Friday October 28th, 2016 at 7:00pm, I attended Dracula: Ballet with a Bite. Dracula was held at the Koger Center in Columbia, South Carolina. This ballet was performed by numerous dancers from the Columbia City Ballet including, Claire McCaa, Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, Autumn Hill, Philip Ingrassia, Manu Navarro, and Oscar Sanchez. There were plenty more dancers that performed, these are just some to name a few. All of the performers put a lot of hard work into this show so that they could…

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  • The Benefits Of Beta Blocking

    Beta blockers are the first line drug choice when treating angina related to CAD. Beta blockers decrease cardiac oxygen demand, by blocking beta receptors in the heart, decreasing heart rate and contractibility, reducing peripheral resistance and after load. Slowing heart rate increases diastolic fill time, increasing the amount of time blood flows throughout myocardial vessels. When taken with nitroglycerin, extra benefits include blunting reflex tachycardia. Dosage starts out low and slowly…

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