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  • Baseball Hall Of Fame: A Case Study

    that fans were more in favor of Bonds being in the Hall of Fame than McGwire, possibly because his statistics were better in many aspects. With respect to the first two research questions, the study found that people viewed McGwire as more likable than Palmeiro, and felt more strongly about McGwire making it into the Hall of Fame than Palmeiro. No differences were found between heavy and light viewers. Although very little research has been done regarding news coverage of the steroid issue in Major League Baseball, it is evident that news coverage has a lasting impact on the way the public views players after they test positive for steroid use. The costs of using illegal drugs to gain a competitive edge outweigh the benefits in the long run. These three players, who were once icons, will most likely never make it into the hall of fame and will be known as cheaters in the eyes of most baseball fans. Their negative reputations are a product of their mistakes, but also a product of the negative news coverage.…

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  • Why Do Pro Athletes Use Steroids

    The answer is probably not, if they're trying to make the game fun to watch such as basebal one of the slowest sports in existence, why stop them. Pro athletes have the same rights as we do, so why put them to a standard where they can't do this or they can't do that(Perez,n.d) Also Athletes on steroids can make the game way more exciting and fast. Which as a sports fan that's everything they should want in a sport. It would make the game more exciting by more points being scored, bigger hits,…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Steroids In Baseball

    uses steroids it usually results in more players taking them as well. Before the 1996 baseball season, the ‘61 New York Yankees stood alone as the only team to knock out more than 225 home runs ever in a season. However in the past nine seasons, twenty six teams have accomplished this once unheard of feat (Verducci 39). 40 year old pitchers were aging backwards since the later years of the 1990’s. They were throwing just as good and as fast of pitches as the young twenty year old pitchers…

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  • Steroid Era Essay

    Drug use is a problem in every sport, but no sport compares to baseball. In a game where home-runs bring in the money, players usually do whatever it takes to get an edge. This includes taking performance-enhancing drugs that cause many health issues and permanently damage the body. The Steroid Era saved Major League Baseball because of increased attendance to games and income due to home-runs. On August 12th, 1994, the Major League baseball players association went on strike. The strike lasted…

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  • Billy Rodriguez: A Short Story

    your power. I have a way you’ll get into the majors for sure.” “What is it Billy asked? I’ll do anything to go pro!” Billy said enthusiastically. “Here take these needles, they’re filled with extra energy boosters, use them before your workout to bulk up.” Billy wanted to press what in the needles but his desire to go pro was too great. So Billy took the needs and did just as Mark said and in no time at all he was crushing baseballs left and right. One time he hit one so hard the…

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  • Exemplification Essay: Who Is My Hero

    A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than themselves.” That almost perfectly described my baseball coach. Joe Henning. The only thing off about this quote that's different from my “hombre” (he sometimes calls me) is that “gives his or her life.” He at least gets a 2 month break!! When baseball season comes around his plan is go to work, baseball practice then go to bed. Three times a week not counting the extra hitting practice we have on occasion. One of…

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  • Steroids In Baseball

    Former big leaguer, Ken Caminiti, discussed his steroid usage in the late 90’s with TomVerducci, who writes for Sports Illustrated primarily about baseball. He is also a field reporter for the MLB postseson. In 1996 Caminiti began taking steroids to recover from a shoulder injury. In the second half of that season, Caminiti hit 28 home runs—his previous high for a season had been 26. Caminiti finished the season with 40 home runs, a .326 batting average, and 130 runs batted in. Each of these far…

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  • The Battered Bastard Of Baseball Book Analysis

    particularly done well is when the Portland Mavericks played against the Bellingham Mariners for the 1977 NWL Championship. The filmmakers made sure to leave out any commentaries from this particular moment in the film using nothing but soft music and ball park chatter in the background, giving the audience a sense as if they are watching the 1977 NWL Championship live. Lastly, from the initial introduction the movie is broken down into a number of subsections where different players are…

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  • Danny And Reuven In Chaim Potok's The Chosen

    The Chosen by Chaim Potok describes an unexpected friendship between two people. Daniel “Danny” Saunders and Reuven Malter were playing baseball against each other when Danny’s pitch hit Reuven in the eye. It shattered Reuven’s glasses and left him with a piece of glass in his eye. While Reuven was in the hospital, Danny went to visit him and that’s where their friendship began. Because they are friends, Reuven helps Danny from quitting on his dreams of becoming a psychologist. With a little bit…

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  • A Narrative Essay On One Day Addien

    I am going to hit this out of the park then his dad said do not be cokey. Then the pitch came right in his sweet spot and he hit a home run which won they the game. They started to celebrate and they were opening jesus bottles and spraying the juice on each other. Then he went back home and went to bed for the night. Then it was morning and the game to see who wins the cup was today after school. After school he went to the game and then the coach said if we win the cup he get to go to a…

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