Differences Between Baseball And Football

The difference between baseball and football, that is a great question, first, they are not even spelled the same. The only thing I can see that is similar is that they both have the word “ball” in the spelling. Baseball seems to make sense by the spelling; it is a game with the involvement of bases. Football, by the spelling seems to be a game that involves your feet, which we all know is not the case, but seems ironic because most games are won by a field goal. A field goal is when the team places the ball on the ground with the assistance of a holder and the kicker kicks it through the goal post, if it is made, that team is given 3 points. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of differences. Baseball has innings; nine in a regulation game, football has quarters, four to be exact. Football players tackle the person with the ball to stop them from scoring points. Hitters in baseball hit the ball and if they are successful, then the person has to throw the ball to the player on the base before the player that hit the ball reaches …show more content…
It is my opinion that this is why baseball lost out to football in the 1960’s. I would not say more athletic, but more muscular in stature when it came to players of the two games. There is an argument out there about football being more “team-orientated,” I disagree, but in the 1960’s the American public was looking for something different. They found it in the faster paced, more violent, team-orientated, contact sport known as football. I still have to say that football will never take away “America’s Greatest Pastime” sport as baseball. “In 1960, the great Roger Kahn wrote in Sport magazine that ‘There is no denying America’s love for baseball, but increasingly the greater excitement seems to be coming from football fields, and that is where it’s likely to be coming in the future.” (Barra,

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