Differences In Football

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One of the most popular sports in the United States today, is football. The National Football League games are watched by millions of people during the football season. A football player mainly plays on one of three subsets of the team. The subsets of a football team are the offense, the defense, and the special teams. Although all of these subsets are important to a team, there are differences. The offense is the part of the team who has the ball at any given point in the game. Most of the points scored in football are scored by the offense. The goal of the offense is to score a touchdown, or get as close to the goal line as possible to score a field goal. One of the most important positions in the offense is that of the quarterback. Several important traits of the quarterback—throwing, reading the defense, and accuracy—take skill to master. Most people are more interested in the game when their favorite team is on offense. The more the offense scores, the more the team is likely to win. Offense is important, but so is the defense. The …show more content…
The kickoff can be to start a quarter, or after a team scores. Another type of kickoff is when a team punts the football after failing to reach a first down. One exciting play for the special teams is when the kicking team wants the ball back right away due to being behind, and attempts an onside kick. This kick means the ball must be kicked ten yards and anyone on the field can recover the ball. When a team’s efforts are failing, the coach will attempt to fix this by getting the ball back quickly. Occasionally, this can result in someone recovering the ball and running it in for a touchdown. Football is a team sport. Any subset of the team can score, and all of the players in their positions have important jobs to do during a game. One team with an offense, a defense, and a special teams unit all have vital roles in playing the

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