Persuasive Speech About Nfl Salary

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Do you like football? Well I do and an I know a lot about it. It is the best sport to learn about. Do you know anything about football? Well if you do or don’t, after you read this you will know a lot more. First, you will learn about how many players are needed to play, second, how it is played, lastly, how much the average NFL player gets paid, and what the goal of football.
First are you wondering how many players is involved to play the game? Well to start off on one team, the coaches are allowed to only have fifty three men on a roster. When it's game time, the coach has to pick out eleven people for offense, and eleven people for defense. There are five offensive linemen, maybe a tight end, one quarterback, one running back, and three wide receivers. The quarterback will be behind the middle person on the offensive line to hike the ball, then the running back will be beside the quarterback. Finally there will be three people split out wide. On defense there are eleven players also five defensive linemen, then behind them is
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An NFL salary is how much they get paid every week. For quarterbacks there average salary is $4,145,334. The average salary for wide receivers isn't as much it is $2,223,450. As you can tell the salary varies throughout the positions. The highest average salary is the quarterbacks and defensive ends. 90% OF NFL quarterbacks get paid higher than any other position. The lowest average salary is the long snappers they are snappers for the punter so they can punt the ball away. They make $1,091,954. A corner back gets in between the amount of a long snapper and a quarterback. That is all you need to know about the average NFL salary. That’s all you need to know to be an expert on football. First of all you learned about how many players are involved to play the game. The goal of the sport football. Lastly, the average NFL salary. Those are all the facts. Now do you understand more about

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