Why Do MLB Players Use Steroid?

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Imagine someone telling you they had a doctor prescribed drug that would increase your brain's capability of functioning, so your test results and knowledge would increase significantly in just weeks. Would you take it? Now imagine yourself struggling in the minor leagues playing baseball and providing too minimal of pay to support your family. Then, someone introduces you to a drug that will increase your fast twitch muscles and allow you to recover faster, hit farther, run faster, and several players in leagues above you are using it as well. Would you take it? In the late 1980’s through the early 2000’s players decided to take the chance and it started what is known as the “Steroid Era”. This era took over players all over the world and and …show more content…
After the 2003 Bay Laboratory Co-operative scandal (Balco), which revealed to the public that several players were using, the public and media decided to take a stand. They argued that baseball was becoming a cheating man’s game and a dark cloud was over the MLB. However, the public was very quick to jump to a conclusion that these were the only players cheating, and that steroids created an enormous and unfair effects on their playing ability. Overall, the MLB should monitor their players more regularly and intensely for drug use, but allow them to take a set dosage.
Historically, the steroid problem has been a blame game almost in entirety in all professional sports. Players who have gotten caught have been frowned upon and their careers have been damaged. Players who simply look bigger than others constantly get accused of using steroids. The “steroid era” left a negative image on the MLB for years and still is a problem in the league today. Plenty of big names have been caught in the past few years alone, and it is a possible concern that the BALCO raid was a just a bump in the road for the steroid problem. A question

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