Billy Rodriguez: A Short Story

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One day Billy Rodriguez the high school baseball player was hitting some batting practice. He was hitting well but only ever had warning track power, he could never seem to get the ball over the fence.

Billy’s hitting coach Mark McGuire said “Hey Billy, I’ve ben noticing you have been having a little trouble with your power. I have a way you’ll get into the majors for sure.”
“What is it Billy asked? I’ll do anything to go pro!” Billy said enthusiastically.
“Here take these needles, they’re filled with extra energy boosters, use them before your workout to bulk up.” Billy wanted to press what in the needles but his desire to go pro was too great.

So Billy took the needs and did just as Mark said and in no time at all he was crushing baseballs left and right. One time he hit one so hard the leather came right off the ball.

Billy became a major asset to his team fast, putting up homeruns and RBIs (Runs batted in)
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He began training even harder day and night and his work paid off when he hit a whopping 36 homeruns in his rookie season. Suddenly, everyone was talking about B-Rod and his remarkable talent. Speculations began whether he would have a shot at breaking the all time home run record.
But at the end of the season B-Rod was randomly selected for a drug test. B-Rod not knowing he had done anything wrong complied fully to the test. It was only when the test showed up positive for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) did B-Rod begin to realize just exactly what his hitting coach had been giving him.
B-Rod tried to cover his tracks and proclaim a false positive but the damage had been done. B-Rod received a lifetime suspension from the MLB for his utilization of steroids.
B-Rod finally understood there are no shortcuts to success and you should never utilize anything that you don’t know what it is. Unfortunately, B-Rod had to sacrifice his entire career to learn such a

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