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  • Personal Narrative: Holy Shit, I Won The Lottery

    Chapter 1: Prologue Act 1: Holy Shit, I Won the lottery! "Hey dude, it looks like you've won the lottery." "Really? How much the prize?" "Hmm...About 10 Billion bucks." "Holy shit. I need to collect this shit." I immediately grabbed the lottery ticket from the store clerk and ran to the nearby bank. My brain is already filled with things I should buy. Ferrari's. Yachts. Diamonds. Diamond Yachts. Shit, that'll be awesome. I shout "I won the fucking lottery!" inside the bank hysterically.…

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  • Rick Ankiel's Autobiography, The Phenomenon

    “I loved baseball for a while, then wasn’t so sure, then loved it again” (Ankiel 1). In just one sentence of the Autobiography, The Phenomenon, Rick Ankiel described the many difficulties that came along his route to success. He was budding into one of the best young pitchers to step on the face of the earth, but then came the pressure, the yips, and the pitch that changed his life. Ankiel’s book is an incredible story of how a big leaguer overcame the mental roadblocks in his mind to become a…

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  • How To Write A Narrative Essay About My First Day Of Conditioning

    The game was against our district rival Englewood High School and it was a nail biter. We had played them earlier in the season and we won so we had confidence coming into the game. It was a win or go home situation. Both teams were playing hard and giving it all they had. I remember like it was yesterday. It was bottom of the sixth inning and we had a runner on second base, score was tied 1-1. Tony tells the runner on second base to steal. The runner…

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  • Babe Ruth's Life In The Sports Of Sports

    was known for the things that he did off the field. He decided to marry a 17 year old waitress and also had enough money to buy a very nice house for the both of them ( Schwartz 3) . The also adopted a daughter and raised her in there brand new home. Ruth could not handle a marriage and his fame in baseball, so the marriage ended. Even though they separated they remained married because of there beliefs ( Schwartz 3). His wife eventually died in a house fire, leaving him with his daughter. A…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Falling A Little Short

    Falling a Little Short Most young children grow up recieving participation medals with pride while listening while their parents tell them that they tried their best. I guess that you could say that I was not raised like most children. Ever since I was able to walk my father had me running bases and playing catch. When I was 7, since there were not any softball teams available for me to join, my father even signed me up to play for a boys baseball team. It might have been weird that I was a…

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  • Ethos In Michael Fulmer's Article 'No Pipe Dream'

    To some, playing Major League Baseball is a dream. Michael Fulmer, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, has fulfilled his dream of playing in a Major League game. Fulmer has used his time in the majors a learning experience and a life lesson. The writer is able to connect Fulmer’s career and Fulmer’s life together in this article. In Stephanie Apstein’s article “No Pipe Dream” from the January 23, 2017 issue of Sports Illustrated, she effectively employs ethos and pathos to show how Michael Fulmer…

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  • Why Is Baseball Important To Me

    I started playing soccer for my school in first grade and kept on playing till third grade when I stopped because I found a sport I felt was much more appealing to me in the way the game was played and the teamwork needed to play. It could also be fact that my dad told me I needed to play, which was fine because I wanted to play anyway. This sport is baseball, an All-American sport played by athletes who are not afraid to put themselves in front of a 100 mile per hour ball. Baseball takes a…

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  • Most Influential Baseball Player: Babe Ruth

    Babe Ruth was one of the most influential players in baseball history. There are many reasons this is true. He was a player during the time where there were many scandals going on in the game and that truly hurt the game and that fan base. He was able to bring fans back to the game with his style, performance, passion, and character. He was an instantly likeable player that was able to draw fans into a game they had lost faith in. A game that had taken advantage of them and made them feel…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Sport Of Baseball

    Of course, I’m being sarcastic. The only time it’s actually fun is when you’re annihilating the other team while they’re asleep on the field. Being on the other end of the stick in the situation makes you wish for a mercy on you and you can just go home and play Xbox for the rest of the night. Probably the only scary aspect of baseball is getting clocked in the jaw by an awful pitcher’s baseball. And uh… well, that happened to me. Ok, basically, I went up to the plate. I was feeling pretty good…

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  • Baseball Glove Analysis

    Re2pect the Glove Not everything you are taught is the truth. It is a generally accepted and widely taught adage that money does not buy happiness, and that people should not focus on material objects. I agree that we should not obsess over material objects, because after all that is what they are, material, but sometimes a material possession can be attached to a memory or time in your life that is worth remembering. I grew up an avid sports fan, thanks to my father. Together we watched and…

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