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  • The Importance Of Barry Bonds In The Game Of Baseball

    The coaches game plan and their strategy to score against opponents were not favorable by a team’s fan base. Barry Bonds, with the help of a couple other notable home run hitters, reeled in fans across the nation to watch them play and hit home runs. On a baseball team’s line up for batting, the fourth hitting spot in the lineup of nine was designated for the most powerful hitter on the roster. With this tactic coaches, across the MLB, hoped for their first…

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  • New York Yankees Too Old To Be Successful?

    So you see the Yankees had a pretty good offense. Like most MlB there were times where the Yankees struggled to score runs so even well pitched games like a one to nothing game the Yankees still lost because of the struggling offense it happens to every team during a season it is a common thing for every team during a season, no team can have a great offense all throughout…

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  • Personal Narrative: A High School Baseball Player

    I played sophomore baseball for Senior over the summer. It was the best season I've ever had as a Dubuque Senior High School baseball player. I was the pitcher on the team, also known as the "Ace". Before the last couple of games we had an anonymous team vote on which award people should get. At the end of the season we had a potluck with the varsity team and the sophomore team. Everyone showed up with haircuts and their parents. When I got there I just saw everyone in a circle talking to each…

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  • Why Baseball Is Important To Me Essay

    Sports are extremely time consuming and require dedication and hard work. Baseball has played a critical role in my life ever since I could walk. The older I got, the more baseball has become competitive to me. Baseball is more than just a game to me, it is more like a lifestyle. Day-in and day-out, I work on my hitting stance and pitching form to better my performance on the field. No matter what anyone says, baseball is one of the greatest sports that this country has had the opportunity to…

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  • Nimesh Patel: How To Win A Baseball Game

    How to win a baseball game Nimesh Patel Hitting a baseball in considered to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish in all of sports.. At the pro level hitters have around 0.4 seconds to react to a 95mph fastball. Hitting is one of the main aspects of the game and you have to hit to win. Practice hard. If you don’t practice you’ll never get better. You also have to practice how you would play. If you’re messing around in practice and not taking it seriously then that’s how…

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  • Summary: The Game Of Baseball

    This is the game of baseball is really fun. You should have Nine players on the field. The game of baseball is really competitive. There is a starter pitcher and a relief pitcher, closer pitcher that ends the game. I hope you enjoy this story about baseball.These are the type of pitches that you are going to need to know. There are curveballs It fools the batter by going straight in plate then sliding in the plate.fastballs are made to going right down the plate and making the batter…

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  • Babe Ruth: The Baseball Hall Of Fame

    one of power and high scoring games.” He made all the record books from a hitting standpoint and a batting standpoint. In 1920, he bested the home run record he already set by belting 54 home runs. It is said that his 1921 season may have been the greatest in MLB history. That season, he made a new record of 59 home runs, drove in 171 RBI, scored 177 runs, batted .376 and had an .846 slugging percentage. With Babe in the lead, the Yankees became the most recognizable and dominant team in…

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  • How Did The Great Depression Affect Baseball In The 1930s

    Baseball in the 1930s When the Great Depression hit, it affected the money American people had. This really affected baseball. Ticket sales were the main money source for owners of teams and with less people coming to the games, they had to find new ways to get people to come. There was many changes to the sport in the ‘30s. The 1930s was an important time for baseball. Even with the Depression, the Golden Age of Baseball continued (Banks). With the impact of the Depression,…

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  • Baseball Vs Softball Research Paper

    than a baseball. Also, the bases are 60ft apart. In baseball the bases are 90 ft apart.Girls tend to pitch underhanded instead of overhanded in baseball. The age difference for girls is 16 and under, as for boys it is 14 and under. For girls, the home run fence is 220 ft and for boys it is 250ft. Also, girls throw from the same elevation as the batter,…

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  • Baseball Is The Perfect Sport Essay

    Baseball is the prefect sport for all season long. Getting dirty in the sand, making awesome plays, hitting home runs, and making your own team, that is cool. It does not matter where you are, as long you have a baseball bat, a glove, ball, time, effort, and leadership, and sport man ship. Does not matter if you are in the street, backyard, garage, or a football field. It also shows you a valuable lesson, even for me sharing. Yep that is it sharing, you take turns to bat, get the ball, and play…

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