Personal Narrative: A High School Baseball Player

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I played sophomore baseball for Senior over the summer. It was the best season I've ever had as a Dubuque Senior High School baseball player. I was the pitcher on the team, also known as the "Ace". Before the last couple of games we had an anonymous team vote on which award people should get.
At the end of the season we had a potluck with the varsity team and the sophomore team. Everyone showed up with haircuts and their parents. When I got there I just saw everyone in a circle talking to each other. I walked up to them and saw Keegan.
"Hey, whats up", I said.
"Nothing much." he replied.
"What did you bring?"
"Plates and napkins, You?"
"Some kind of casserole thing."
After we were done talking the entire team went and sat down all at the same table with our food. Later on the coaches started to hand out awards and give their end of the season speeches. My coach started off by saying
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Now we are going to hand out our team awards."
"First, Silver Slugger goes to Cam Steffen, Cam was the best hitter on the team this year."
"Next is the MVP Award which goes to Matt Hendricks, Matt has came through in the most clutch moments throughout the season."
"Defensive player of the year is Kyle Mcginnis, He has made some of the most spectacular plays I have seen all season.
"The Cy Young award, for all of you that don’t know is the best pitcher on the team, and that award goes to Derek Saeugling"
I walked up and shook my coaches hand and he handed me the award and said
From that day on it made me think of my self as a better baseball player than I actually thought I was. It was one of the best moments of my life. This was the most life changing experience I have ever

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