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  • Fair Lending Case Summary

    Prior to the 1970s, discriminatory lending practices became hidden produces in central cities across the nation. The origins of fair lending litigation can be traced back to a 1976 redlining case in Oakley, Cincinnati. It was not until 1968, when the Fair Housing Act and other federal provisions regarding discrimination became law binding. A precedent regarding the application and interpretation of the anti-discrimination provisions was waiting to be set for local neighborhoods in the United…

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  • Why America Won World War II?

    countries citizens and some even believe that without that home front’s support we might’ve lost. “A home front is where civilians work toward the war effort and experience the horrors of war firsthand.” (Pat Levy) It had an immense effect on the citizens of America, especially minorities and women. (Pat Levy) “Many people in the U.S. remember the war for the way it brought a sense of togetherness to a divided country.” (Pat Levy). The American home front is the reason we won World War II…

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  • The Roles Of Women On The American Home Front

    Women on the American Home Front: A Look at the Changing Lifestyles and Varying Roles of Women During World War II Although wars fought by the United States have seen significant contributions from American women, many scholars regard World War II as a liberating war for women on the home front, as it marked the first time in history that the government started a formal recruitment of females to join the workforce and do their part at home (Kaufman, 2002). Frankie Cooper, a crane operator who…

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  • Kentucky Derby Facts

    Kentucky Derby Facts The one thing which I loved the most when I lived in New York City was to go to horse races during the late spring and summer at Belmont Park in Long Island. There was something so exciting about it and I just love horses they are so wonderful. The biggest thrill was the Triple Crown which began with the Kentucky Derby in Kentucky, went on to the Preakness in Maryland and finally the Belmont Stakes in New York. I never put too much money on the horses but it was a thrilling…

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  • Summary Of Sharon M. Draper's Copper Sun

    In the book Copper Sun ,by Sharon M. Draper , Amari is a fifteen year old African girl who lives in Ziavi Africa. Amari is an innocent and curious girl who cannot wait to be an adult like her father and mother. Everything is going as planned until a group of white men come to her village. They thought it was friendly but the white men had other intentions as to invade them. Many Africans, if not killed, were captured and taken to America to be used as slaves. Amari had not experienced anything…

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  • Book Summary: Mexican Whiteboy By Matt De La Peña

    National City, is sweeping the home run derby that the city’s kids hold every Saturday. They all put in money, and whoever wins keeps it all. Every kid in the area has a part in the derby, and Uno’s step-brother with special needs, Manny, is always the person who cheers no matter what. Uno hits a home run, so him and Manny celebrate. Uno is dancing when notices Sofia and a pretty boy, Danny, next to her. Sofia and Danny go up to Uno, and Sofia pays for Danny to enter the derby. They agree that…

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  • Short Story 'The Rocking-Horse Winner'

    This short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is told in 3rd person omniscient. This is obvious as the story is told by a narrator giving thoughts and statements by more than one character in the story. We hear and understand thoughts of Mother, Paul, Uncle Oscar, and many more. This is proven in the opening paragraph when we realized how the mother has felt and then we receive the opinion of others when stated “everybody else said she is such a good mother” and receive the thoughts of both her…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Softball And Baseball

    “In 2015, the Women’s College World Series viewership bettered the Men’s College World Series by 31%” (Sports TV Ratings). The sport’s name is quite misleading, considering that the ball itself is not spongy and the level of skill it takes to play the sport properly. Softball has come far from its humble beginnings to the major sport it is today, and while many people think softball and baseball are basically the same sport, there are some pretty important differences. After Yale’s victory…

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  • Courageousness In Sharon Draper's Copper Sun

    Amari's proprietor, tails them and about gets Amari again, and tries to take her back. Customarily in the midst of the impeding and testing enterprise Amari contemplates whether Cato, a slave on the farm, gave them veracious urging by teaching them to run south with a particular ultimate objective to escape, in any case she trusts and trusts that it will all be fine. They should be sensible and judicious with the objective that nobody sees or hears them when they pass by a contiguous town. All…

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  • Mrs. Kuipers Research Paper

    Going from a rocket scientist to a high school math and engineering teacher might seem like a downgrade for most, but for Tammy Kuipers, it was one of the most fulfilling choices she has ever made. Sure the pay isn’t great and you inevitably run into a few problematic kids, but like most teachers, she gets a sort of supernatural satisfaction from helping awkward children along in their development. I had the pleasure of taking calculus and statistics from her during my high school career, and…

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