Babe Ruth: The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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The Baseball Hall of Fame began in 1936 and Babe Ruth was elected one of the very first five inductees. Babe Ruth is a true American legend. Even to this day, he is known as the best baseball player. Therefore, Babe has made an impact on many lives around the world. Babe Ruth was a part of major league baseball spanned 22 seasons from 1914 to 1935, and during this time he set the bar for being a role model to younger generations and professionally for upcoming baseball players.
The significant difference between Babe Ruth and other famous athletes is that Babe stayed true to his role model figure. Babe is relevant to this day because there are many professional athletes modern day that are looked up to by many, yet choose to make terrible
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Babe started his career as a pitcher but soon became known for his immense power as a slugger. He appeared in five games for the Red Sox, pitching in four of them in 1914 and won his major league debut on July 11, 1914. As a result of a loaded roster, Babe was optioned to the Red Sox minor league team, the Providence Grays, where he helped lead them to the International League pennant. Babe became a permanent fixture in the Red Sox rotation in 1915, accumulating an 18-8 record with an ERA of 2.44. Many successful seasons followed that …show more content…
Babe dominated the game. “He changed baseball from a grind it out style to one of power and high scoring games.” He made all the record books from a hitting standpoint and a batting standpoint. In 1920, he bested the home run record he already set by belting 54 home runs. It is said that his 1921 season may have been the greatest in MLB history. That season, he made a new record of 59 home runs, drove in 171 RBI, scored 177 runs, batted .376 and had an .846 slugging percentage. With Babe in the lead, the Yankees became the most recognizable and dominant team in baseball and set attendance records. When the Yankees moved to a new stadium in 1923, it was named “The House that Ruth Built”.
In 1927, Babe was a member of “Murderer’s Row” and he set a new home run record of 60. This record stood for 34 years. “During his time with the Yankees, Babe ignited the greatest dynasty in all of American sport.” Before his arrival, the Yankees had never won a title. He helped them win seven pennants and four World Series titles. Their 1927 team is considered to be the greatest in baseball history. Before retiring from the Boston Braves in 1935, Babe held an astonishing 56 major league records at the time, including the most outrageous record in baseball, 714 home

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