The Importance Of Barry Bonds In The Game Of Baseball

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Baseball is a sport favored by many Americans today and also known as “Americas past time.” A sport, parents put their children into as soon as they can to get them to grow friendships at a young age and a passion for the game. A sport, where most fathers and his family cannot wait to watch their favorite MLB team clinch the playoffs and, battle for a chance to play in the World Series. Come the month October, Bars, Sports Restaurants, and Living rooms across America are filled to maximum capacity with nervous but, excited fans to watch the MLB playoffs and World Series.
One of the biggest fears as a pitcher in the game of baseball, is to throw a pitch that will lead to one of the most electrifying or disappointing sensations throughout a
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The coaches game plan and their strategy to score against opponents were not favorable by a team’s fan base. Barry Bonds, with the help of a couple other notable home run hitters, reeled in fans across the nation to watch them play and hit home runs. On a baseball team’s line up for batting, the fourth hitting spot in the lineup of nine was designated for the most powerful hitter on the roster. With this tactic coaches, across the MLB, hoped for their first three batters to get on base to get into scoring position. The fourth batter would come up to the plate, Barry Bonds spot on the San Francisco Giants, and try to hit the ball as far as possible and achieve hitting a “grand slam” adding four points to the score board for his …show more content…
Luckily, my dad introduced me to Barry Bonds and his magnificent swing. When I was a kid going through the ranks of baseball at a young age, Barry Bonds was the player I never wanted to miss when he came up to bat. Fans never knew what to expect when Barry Bonds stepped into the batter’s box. Every time he connected with the baseball, it would just go further and further into the fan section. This would only lead to crowds getting louder and louder, and all wanting to see him hit it further the next time he came up to bat. Barry Bonds, by the time he retired, would go down being known as the most fearful batter to ever step into a batter’s box. He showed with a lot practice and confidence no field is never too big to hit a home

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