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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Midwife

    Midwifery has fascinated me from an early age. The process of how something so minuscule can grow into something so beautiful as well as knowing that as a midwife I have played a part to bring that most beautiful thing into the world excites me. Having the chance to provide that support through pregnancy, to the birth and then postnatal stages of a special time in a person 's life and guiding them through it is what draws me to become a midwife. In my spare time I have researched midwifery and arranged a placement for two days in a maternity unit at my local hospital. This gave me a big insight to life working as a midwife and I got to see first-hand how midwives work together and with other departments to provide a safe environment for a baby to be born in. This made the decision clear that midwifery was the career that I wanted to be in. During my time I spoke to many different midwives about what being a midwife is about and how important it is to build a relationship with the women and her family. The first day of my placement I spent time on the ward shadowing a midwife looking after women who have just given birth. This allowed me to talk to many different women about their own…

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  • Midwife Responsibilities

    Sandall, Soltani, Gates, Shennan and Devane’s (2015) review of midwifery care revealed several benefits for women and babies involved in midwifery led care including a reduction in use of epidurals, fewer episiotomies or instrumental births, less likely to experience preterm birth or lose their baby before 24 weeks gestation. To ensure the safe practice of midwifery leading to satisfactory outcomes for the woman, the NMBA (2008) require midwives work within their scope of practice in accordance…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Home Birth

    I 've been amazed by birth ever since I was a little girl. When you get pregnant, a little tiny human starts to grow inside of your tummy and that just completely amazes me! It 's been within the last two years I have become even more interested in the process. I blame my mother since I am the oldest of six children and she just had the last one eight months ago. Even though my mother has had many children, she 's never had a "home birth". Mainly because it wasn 't popular back then. Actually,…

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  • My Mom Is My Hero

    What is a mom? According to google a mom is “a woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth” but the word mom means something different to everyone. To some the word “mom” can mean a friend, hard worker , a teacher, or even a superhero. To others it could mean control freak, someone who knows no boundaries, or an evil dictator. My mom has fulfilled all of these roles at one time or another. Sometimes, she was all of these at once. My mom has worked hard her entire life…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Grow Up In A Traditional Nuclear Family

    They took me to school and made sure I was taken care of until my mother returned from work. “But most workplaces have remained inflexible in the face of family demands of their workers and at home…” (Hochschild 12). This was true for my mother who wasn’t…

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  • Gender Inequality In Children

    household chores like before. Boys toys seem to keep the same idea of building things, but add in dinosaurs, guns, cars, camouflage, blood, guts and action figures with really detailed abs. Toys start to play into how we see boys and girls. In present day boys are thought to be the stronger sex and girls the weaker sex. Boys aren’t supposed to show emotion while girls are supposed to be the emotional ones. Boys are to be athletic and girls can also be athletic, but occasionally girls aren’t…

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  • Gender Roles In Sitcoms Essay

    what is described by Judy Brady in her satirical essay, “I Want a Wife” but also different to what she describes. An example of how she is different and also similar in the essay by Judy Brady would be, “I want a wife who cooks the meals, a wife who is a good cook. I want a wife who will plan the menus, do the necessary grocery shopping, prepare the meals, serve them pleasantly, and then do the cleaning up while I do my studying.” (590). While she is a housewife, she is not a typical housewife.…

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  • Samsung Mobile Situation Analysis

    Background / Situation Analysis Turning an old home smart is easier than ever with Samsung SmartThings in your home. You can monitor and control almost anything. The only limitation is your mind. The space for these type of devices to expanding at a huge rate. With the huge increase in cell phone and tablet users around the world, the market is already use to using a technology device every day. The key for SmartThings and other competitors in the space is ease of use and reliability. Samsung…

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  • My First Day Research Paper

    “Something is missing. (MacLachlan 36)” Sarah told Caleb. My family and friends were over three hours away, consequently; they are not as accessible to me as they were before. I felt deserted and I was home sick, just as Sarah did two weeks into her visit. I underestimated how hard it was for me going off to college, but as time progressed things began to get enjoyable. Instead of continuously dwelling on the point that I missed my family and friends, I started to look at the glass half-full and…

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  • Immigration In Korea Analysis

    Lori and her husband had three beautiful children including a son and twin daughters. When talking about her family, she explain that immigration has effect event on her son, who like traveling and who is currently living in Korea. With the same idea, her daughters live here but they were at angers for high school first year because their mom had left, again. But nowadays, they are, especially her, more stable because immigration don’t have only advantages but unwanted effects such home sick and…

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