Charles Foster Kane

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  • Charles Foster Kane Rosebud Summary

    Newspaper king Charles Foster Kane, is dead. The gap shots show Xanadu, Kane's monumental, rich, and currently matted estate in Everglade State. Interspersed with segments of his short subject necrology are scenes from his life and death. Most puzzling are his last moments: clutching a snowglobe, he mutters the word "rosebud." Kane, whose life was news and whose newspapers not solely reportable however fashioned opinion, was central to his time, a heroic figure. The short subject editor feels that till they recognize WHO or what Rosebud is that they will not have the entire story on Kane. He assigns Thompson to research Rosebud. Curious about Kane's dying word, “rosebud,” the short subject editor assigns Thompson, a reporter, to seek out what it meant. He triggers each flashback, nonetheless his face is rarely seen. He queries Kane's alcoholic mistress, his poorly old flame, his wealthy associate and therefore the alternative witnesses, whereas the show loops through time. As usually as I've seen “Citizen Kane,” I've ne'er been able to firmly fix the order of the scenes in my mind. I check up on a scene and tease myself with what's going to come back next. however…

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  • Film Analysis Of Charles Foster Kane

    The movie starts off with Charles Foster Kane which was produced by, directed and starred by Orson Welles. The movie begins with the the newsreel obituary footage that tells us about the life of Charles Foster Kane. It keeps us oriented as the screenplay progresses, piecing together the memories of those who knew him – Jed Leland his best friend, Susan Alexander his second wife and Mr. Bernstein, his business wizard were some of the few. “I don’t think any word can explain a man’s life”. The…

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  • Citizen Kane Critical Essay

    In the many critical essays on Citizen Kane, three different perspectives on its meaning have dominated analytical writing about that film: work that concentrates on the mythic characters of Kane; essays that analyze the kaleidoscopic narrative structure that shapes its story; and writing that offers detailed interpretations of the stylistic compositions in the film, such as its use of deep focus and dramatic editing techniques. With the first two types of analysis as a background, here I will…

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  • Great Gatsby Compare And Contrast Essay

    making material wealth the primary indicator of success led Jay Gatsby to a tragic ending. First, What the American dream had as effect on Jay Gatsby’s and Charles Foster Kane’s lives. Jay Gatsby began existence with little, as the child of genuinely unsuccessful ranchers. When he was a young fellow he had even less, having willfully antagonized himself from his family, not able to deal with the part he had been managed in life. While all alone, he had the chance to reevaluate himself. In that…

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  • Expectations Of Susan's Life

    It became all about them becoming a great opera star. Never about her. Kane controlled every aspect of Susan’s life. He’s always towering over her in scenes where she’s at her most vulnerable. In her singing lessons, he’s dominating the scene from all angles and forces the teacher to believe that Susan can sing. Kane was going against his own principles to tell the whole truth to his readers. The reporters are all writing how Susan is an extraordinary singer, all in the need to please Kane…

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  • Summary: The Birth Of A Nation

    “The Birth of a Nation” by D.W. Griffith was the first blockbuster film in American history. It was an amazing feat of cinema and nailed its place in history. However, while “The Birth of a Nation” boasts these achievements it is without question one of the most racist movies of all time. This movie not only show glorifies the Ku Klux Klan as heroes of America, but also shows the misrepresentation of black people and the role that black people will have in films. Looking back at the time the…

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  • Requiem For A Dream Analysis

    Individuals may encounter countless scenes, outrageous ideas, and most importantly a perfected conclusion. Nevertheless, when it comes to the motion picture “Requiem for a dream”, words and words may fill these pages, however nothing can truly clarify the depth of intensity and meaning towards such a realization. Darren Aronofsky is an American film director, screenwriter, and film producer; born in Brooklyn, New York in the 1960’s and being brought up in a conservative Jewish family surely…

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  • Citizen Kane Mirror Scene Analysis

    Citizen Kane was made in 1941 directed by Orson Welles, it is one of the best films of all time, created by one of the best film directors and cinematographers of all time. The movie contained several sequences and famous scenes that make this film a remarkable masterpiece. Mostly imply wonderful sound, lighting and shadowing, and camera angles. As a result of the actors performances play a big role of making this film very memorable. Therefore, I will personally explain why I enjoyed…

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  • Analysis Of The Film T. E. Lawrence Of Arabia

    The movie, Lawrence of Arabia was considered to be a breakthrough in the film industry for it portrayed T. E. Lawrence’s life in the Arab world and how he influenced the Arabs. This of course was based on true events that occurred from 1916-1918. Despite being a biographical movie, not everything that appeared was truthful. Multiple movie critics stated that certain scenes were over exaggerated, unrealistic, scientifically invalid, and/or plainly made up for entertainment purposes. Before…

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  • Citizen Kane Meaning

    Citizen Kane is a drama film about a reporter’s venture into finding out the meaning behind the word “rosebud” which is the last word of Charles Foster Kane before he died. This film is considered as one of the greatest films ever. This masterpiece was created with $839,727 as its estimated budget. Citizen Kane was directed by Orson Welles and was released in 1941. Welles also produced and wrote the screenplay of this film. He also starred as the main character in Citizen Kane. The film starts…

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